Grab and Bind: Natalie Nice

Release Date: Jun.10.2011
Running Time: 0:49:11
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Natalie Nice, Odette Michelle


When gorgeous trophy wife Natalie Nice is grabbed, best friend Odette Michelle is an unwilling guest on the bondage ride!


Natalie's been cheating on her husband with a handsome grifter, and when the conscience-stricken young wife tries to break off the affair, he has an ugly surprise for her: it's time for Natalie! Tightly gagged and trussed by the boyfriend's female accomplice, the stunned Natalie writhes on a lounge chair while her handlers wait for her friend Odette to arrive!


Expecting to join Natalie for a carefree day of shopping, cute little Odette's naturally horrified when she becomes collateral damage to her friend's grabbing! Gagged with knotted cloth, the tiny blonde's bound and folded into the embrace of a leather armchair, where she struggles fearfully until she's carried off for a reunion with Natalie!


Stripped to their panties, Natalie and Odette sit side-by-side, roped to chairs! Their eyes wide and tearful above black overmouth gags, the two innocent friends shiver while the false lover gloats as he explains that he expects millions from Natalie's husband for her safe return; Odette will be thrown into the deal as a bonus! To provide vivid imagery of Natalie's plight, the heartless man videos his helpless captives; after he leaves, his partner fondles their defenseless breasts!


As their ordeal continues throughout the day, Odette and Natalie are separted by the men; naked now, tape-gagged and securely hogtied, Odette struggles alone! Frantic to free herself, the tiny prisoner rolls about on a bed but fails to loosen her bonds -- Odette's predicament is mild, however, compared to Natalie's!


Perhaps motivated by jealousy, the henchwoman uses her rope- expertise to torment poor Natalie! First bound on her knees, the nude beauty's tape- gagged, then pushed onto her stomach and hogtied! Her rigorous restraint causes Natalie to writhe and moan, but the ruthless tormentors respond only with cruel taunts!


Hours later, as the two friends huddle together naked in bondage, Odette's small body roped into to Natalie's curves, they learn from the smug man that his scheme has succeeded! Once the criminals have departed, the exhausted girls strain against their bonds with waning energy, but remain restrained until a rescuer arrives! 


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