Tape Bound, Volume 2

Release Date: Jun.10.2011
Running Time: 0:43:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sue Diamond, Tanner Mays, Kayden Kross, Cali Logan, Ginger Lee, Lena Shelby


Sue Diamond was grabbed at bedtime, then bound and gagged with white tape before she endured an oral assault on her bare toes!


The masked bandit struck without warning and plundered the house after subduing and silencing Tanner Mays with silver duct tape!


Kayden Kross loved her foliage rich yard but a bold burglar took advantage of its seclusion to tape up and toy with the pajama clad beauty!


Surprised on her bed, petite Cali Logan struggled fearfully against the black tape restraining her, then room mate Ginger Lee surrendered to swaths of white tape!


Seized outdoors, innocent Lena Shelby was thrown onto a mattress and plunged into a frightening day of tape driven captivity! 


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