Lena vs. Holly: A Bondage Custom

Release Date: Feb.08.2016
Running Time: 0:42:48
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lena Shelby, Holly Manning

Many customers have asked us through the years if FM Concepts does custom videos. We do and Lena vs. Holly is an example of a commissioned custom. If you are interested in having a custom made for you, please contact us.

It's just another day for pop-music critic Holly Manning, who relaxes in a halter top, jeans and bare feet as she writes a scathing review of singer Lena Shelby. When Lena turns up to lodge a strenuous protest, however, Holly's jolted out of her comfortable routine and deposited in bondage on the floor next to her desk! While Lena rewrites the review on Holly's laptop, the trussed and tape-gagged critic writhes vigorously and mumbles her objections!

Holly's situation goes from bad to worse after she's coaxed into a little black dress and roped to a conveniently located wooden post. Smirking at the critic's distress, Lena pops a ball-gag between Holly's lips, then lifts her phone to take a selfie that she plans to upload for her fans to enjoy! Twisting energetically on toe-tied bare feet after Lena leaves her alone, Holly's powerless to prevent her impending humiliation! 

But her zealous struggling finally frees her, so when Lena returns, Holly's ready to surprise the sexy singer! Soon it's the skimpily dressed Lena sitting bound on the desk; Holly's delighted to add a red bandanna gag when the blonde bad-girl mouths off! The critic reclaims her laptop while the silenced singer squirms provocatively in her minimal top, short-shorts and peep-toe pumps; creative Holly later removes Lena's shoes and tickles her bare soles before allowing her some private tied-up time! 

Wearing nothing but thong panties, Lena rolls around on a bed, gagged with duct-tape and efficiently restrained by rope that accentuates those perky breasts! Holly's delighted by the payback she's inflicted and mocks Lena, who undoubtedly wishes she hadn't paid a visit to her most outspoken critic, a sentiment that becomes even stronger when the vengeful woman reveals her plan to feature images of the aspiring pop star in an article entitled "Bound For Fame!" Eager for approval of her lascivious project, Holly invites her editor to view the struggling subject -- and that's where her plan falls apart! 

Turns out that Holly's editor is even sleazier than she imagined, so he reasons that if one hot woman in bondage will sell a lot of magazines, then two of them will sell even more! So a stunned Holly's returned to ropes; now dressed only in a colorful bikini, she sits on the floor next to Lena, who's a vision in white ropes and black bikini! Still hostile toward each other at first, singer and critic mumble at each other through duct-taped lips and finally make fumbling attempts to release each other. But their truce arrives too late, and it's as an enticing hogtied couple that Holly and Lena wriggle together, their bare feet arching and eyes flashing angrily at the man savoring their plight! 

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