Costumed Girls Are Powerless

Release Date: Aug.03.2015
Running Time: 0:47:7
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Holly Manning, Allie Knox, Kylie Nicole, Kasey Warner, Jamie Lynn, Cassidy Banks, Adriana Sephora

It's a beautiful kitchen with all the latest amenities but housewife Holly Manning is prevented from exercising her culinary skills by the precise pattern of black rope that wind around her red and white polka-dot ankle-length dress! Holly's not a talkative person in ordinary circumstances; her knotted cleave-gag now prevents anything but incoherent mumbling as she stands and twists in her bondage, then sits on the kitchen counter and raises her sandaled feet!

Lovely blonde bride Allie Knox has some bad news for her groom: She's not going through with the wedding! The irate fiance has bad news of his own for Allie: He's not going to let her go! Bound with black rope and gagged with white tape, the astonished Allie sits meekly while the spurned groom rants at her. When Allie finally attempts to wriggle out of her ropes, she ends up writhing barefoot on the floor in a more restrictive ball-tie!

Hot little student Kylie Nicole receives a hard lesson in submission from cat burglar Kasey Warner after she's surprised at her laptop! As wide-eyed Kylie stands tied and tape- gagged, Kasey takes pleasure in fondling bare breasts that peek out from her blouse, then pulls down her panties and treats the squirming girl to a bit of pussy massage! Kasey completes her dominant incursion by folding Kylie over her lap, raising her plaid skirt and spanking her bare bottom!

Sexy security guard Jamie Lynn pays the price for her lack of vigilance when a slippery intruder gets the drop on her! Deprived of her shoes and tightly bound, Jamie sits on the floor next to her desk with a worried look on her face; her pleas to remain ungagged are curtailed by duct tape! The trussed- up security guard's humiliation is complete after her breasts are bared and and a waist-ankle tether leaves stocking- footed Jamie squirming on her hip!

It's really amazing how often costumed ladies planning to party are detoured into bondage! If she'd been aware of this phenomenon, perhaps Cassidy Banks would have been more cautious; as it is, Cassidy looks quite athletically fetching in her colorful basketball shirt, shorts, sneakers and knee socks -- even more so once rope coils around her costume and tape seals her lips! Adriana Sephora's reaction on finding Cassidy in bondage is more dramatic than admiring, especially since her shiny pink maid dress quickly becomes the magnet for another web of rope, while her enticing accent is silenced by a tape-gag. Within minutes, the bound girls' costumes reveal their best- kept secrets -- that both Adriana and Cassidy are endowed with breasts that beg to be bared! Curled up on the floor, they give their best effort in battling their bondage, but finally submit when ordered to kneel breast-to-breast! 

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