Bare Breasted and Chair Tied

Release Date: Dec.20.2013
Running Time: 0:57:28
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chanel Rae, Courtney Dillon, Ashely Scott, Aubrielle Summer, Carissa Montgomery, Lena Shelby

Take a seat, ladies, you're bound to be here for awhile!

Some very bad people want information possessed by Chanel Rae but the stubborn girl refuses to talk! Since Chanel won't open her mouth, it's sealed with tape and she's bound to a chair wearing only her panties. Chanel's situation becomes more ominous when petite but ruthless interrogator Sophia Taylor arrives; although Sophia ices her subject's breasts and threatens them with a lighter, Chanel continues to hold out! That's when Sophia raises the stakes by suspending Chanel's legs so she can alternate between chilling and heating the helpless girl's bare soles. This foot-bottom approach finally causes Chanel to crack, so once her tape-gag's removed, she sings like the proverbial songbird.

Life is full of surprises: One minute Courtney Dillon's sitting comfortably at her laptop, the next she's still seated but much less comfortably since she's been restrained with rope! Lips sealed with duct tape, long- legged Courtney makes for a striking damsel in distress as she struggles in her colorful minidress and points her shapely bare feet in thong sandals. Courtney's plight becomes more provocative after the sandals disappear and her bare breasts emerge amidst the ropes securing her arms.

Stripped to her panties, tied hand and foot and tape-gagged, Ashley Scott's already in plenty of trouble when we first meet the feisty little redhead propelling herself along the floor on her bottom! Ashley's antics convince her captor that it's time to immobilize her so that same cute bottom's firmly planted on the seat of a chair, where the slender captive wriggles unhappily. After temperamentally kicking her toe-tied bare feet in the air and twisting her crossed wrists behind her, Ashley finally recognizes that she's lost this battle.

Aubrielle Summer also attracts the attention of a cruel tormentor after she's pinned to an antique wooden chair by intricate ropework. Luscious Aubrielle wears tight blue jeans but she's nude above the waist, exposing breasts that are tautly framed with rope before a mysterious hand menaces them with ice chips and a candle flame! Her sensuous lips spread by a red ball-gag, Aubrielle whimpers at these alarming threats to her nipples as well as later hot and cold incursions against her toe-tied bare feet!

It's not easy being a busty blonde glamour girl; if you're not convinced, just ask Carissa Montgomery. There always seems to be some over-excitable admirer waiting to grab Carissa as she wanders around her house in transparent black lingerie. Then, after she's gagged with duct-tape, the unlucky lady inevitably writhes in a chair, where she's bound with unusually thick rope to match the formidable breasts that vibrate so thrillingly after they're freed from their lacy embrace! And we don't want to neglect Carissa's curvaceous naked feet, which she raises off the floor while twisting desperately in the coils imprisoning her!

Journalist Lena Shelby won an interview with a reclusive retired gang chieftain by promising to record his answers only on a legalpad that he'd check before she left. But daring Lena gambled that she could smuggle in a small microphone hidden under her blouse, a gamble she lost when the paranoid thug demanded to search her and found the tiny device taped between her breasts! Stripped naked and elaborately bound to a chair, tape-gagged Lena's in big trouble now, especially when the gangster's horny girlfriend Veronica Weston takes advantage of the dazed captive's vulnerability to fondle and lick her breasts before tickling her bare feet! 

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