Cleave Gagged Heroines

Release Date: Jul.06.2012
Running Time: 0:50:5
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cassie Laine, Kendra James, Sabrina Taylor, Adrianna Luna, Chloe Lynn, Sophia Knight

Predatory Professor Kendra James invites innocent sorority girl Cassie Laine to her place for some special tutoring but when she begins treating Cassie to some hands-on instruction, the embarrassed girl heads for the door! Kendra won't take no for an answer, however, so she overpowers Cassie and ties her up topless; while her little prisoner squirms bound and gagged on the floor, wicked Kendra caresses her vulnerable body!

Kendra's bad behavior backfires, though, when she imbibes too much wine as she toys with Cassie! Once Kendra passes out, the spunky little captive escapes from her ropes and teaches her teacher a taut lesson: Hogtied naked on the dining table and gagged with the same cleave she tied in Cassie's mouth, Kendra writhes indignantly under her student's hands once she awakes!

Sabrina Taylor's evening ends quite differently from her expectations when she curled up in a tight top and panties! Cleave- gagged and tightly-bound, Sabrina struggles on the bed until she's pinned on her back and immobilized by roping her long legs high on the wood-frame headboard (yes, Sabrina's pink-nailed big toes are neatly tied)!

Unwelcome visitors gag and truss bare-breasted best friends Adrianna Luna and Chloe Lynn with cloth strips, then leave the helpless girls rolling around hogtied on their bed!

Sophia Knight receives an unpleasant bedroom surprise that leaves the alluring British blonde struggling bound and gagged in skimpy black lingerie that's later disheveled to expose her breasts!

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