Tape Bound, Volume 18

Release Date: Dec.06.2013
Running Time: 0:54:29
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Aubrielle Summer, Brooklyn Chase, Eden Wells, Samantha Ryan, Veronica Radke, Danielle Trixie, Cherie DeVille, Cali Hayes, Carol Luna, Kendra James

Nine naked lovelies (and one not-so-naked) struggle after being duct- taped into captivity!

A powerfully-built intruder choreographs this dynamic tape-bondage for three beautiful women, picking them off one by one! The first to feel the duct-tape embrace is Eden Wells, who's seated submissively on a couch in her blue jeans, top and sandals when Aubrielle Summer arrives. Made to strip naked, Aubrielle's quickly placed next to Eden, just in time for Brooklyn Chase to receive an identical reception from the sinister guest! Initially relegated to the floor, athletic Brooklyn manages to wriggle onto the sofa to create the thrilling tableau of Eden flanked by her gagged and struggling nude housemates!

Long-time favorite Samantha Ryan and delectable little newcomer Veronica Radke make a mouth-watering tape-bound pair, first standing side-by-side, then struggling together horizontally on an orange display platform and whimpering behind wraparound gags!

Blonde sprite Danielle Trixie gets the deluxe tape treatment, with rolls of the sticky silver restraints around her ankles, knees, waist, wrists and chest! Also tape-gagged of course, Danielle writhes from side to stomach on a sofa in helpless futility!

Tape around her wrists, waist and ankles subdues alluring MILF Cherie DeVille, whose expressive eyes widen above her wraparound while she thrashes about on a rug! Cherie's undulations reveal a naked pussy and high-arched, sculpted bare soles!

Buxom nude Cali Hayes rolls around on the floor of her office after being taped hand and foot; a duct tape over self-adhesive wraparound gag muffles Cali's moans!

Luscious Latina Carol Luna and sizzling pantyhosed redhead Kendra James stand tit- to-tit in identical tape bondage, then slide onto the floor where their desperate attempts to pluck at each other's restraints end in frustrated failure!

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