Gagged and Hogtied

Release Date: Sep.02.2011
Running Time: 0:38:41
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Gia Mancini, Lolana, Isabella Janacek, Holly Manning, Shannon, Breanne Benson, Charisma Cole, Alyssa Lovelace, Monique Alexander


When Christina Kazan and Gia Mancini fought over their party clothes, Christina ended the argument emphatically by overpowering and hogtying the smaller girl, then stealing her fancy new sandals! Lonnie Webb treated  Breanne Benson just as roughly, yanking the topless beauty from under the covers and leaving her hogtied and squirming on the bed!


Lolana, Isabella Janacek, Charisma Cole and hapless friends Shannon and Holly Manning likewise endured the rigorous immobility and humiliation of the hogtie before Alyssa Lovelace and Monique Alexander struggled helpless and naked at the feet of their captors! 


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Sooooo many soft smooth pretty bare feet, tightly roped into the sexiest, most sensual position in ALL of the bondage world and only a minimal few of the most USELESS gags known to man- kind: those pitifully worthless cleave gags!!! 'Tis truly an absolute breathtaking WANKERSDELIGHT!!!!! tyteroper. :-)