Tight Ropes On Topless Girls

Release Date: Jun.15.2012
Running Time: 0:44:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kendra James, Cassie Laine, Laura Lee, Elisa Conrad, Vanessa Veracruz, Georgia Jones, Sohley Rivera

No doubt about it, these are Girls In Trouble: their naked bodies elaborately bound with black rope, mouths sealed with white tape, sizzling redhead Kendra James and petite brunette Cassie Laine balance nervously on bare feet as they stand side-by-side, crotch- ropes accentuating their plight! Rope tethers attached to rings above their heads hold Kendra and Cassie in place while they're standing as well as after they're raised off the floor to kneel breast-to breast on chairs!

Clad only in a large brown towel, Laura Lee's trussed up and gagged with a black cleave, then ordered by her captor to lie quietly on her bed! When Laura disobeys by struggling too vigorously against her bonds, the bare-breasted prisoner's restrained by tethering her to the wires of the headboard!

Drama-loving Elisa Conrad gives a bravura performance after she's bound to a chair and gagged with a thick black cloth covering her mouth! Elisa's predicament becomes more ominous once lighted candles are placed in a semi-circle before her chair and her naked breasts protrude through the intricate ropework around her chest -- what do her cult-like captors have in store for the wide-eyed prisoner?

Vanessa Veracruz thought she was being interviewed for a dating service but as the questions got kinkier, the lovely Latina understood too late that she was auditioning for a more sinister operation! Her resistance quelled by tight ropes knotted around her body and objections muffled by a knotted cloth tied between her lips, sweet Vanessa whimpers in desperation while the depraved videographer leers at her bare breasts and feet!

"Purty little fillies" Georgia Jones and Sohley Rivera kneel naked, bound and tape-gagged as the very fearful prizes of an auction presided over by a crazed but canny old cowhand! Once the potential bidders voice a desire to see more of the girls' bare feet, the co-operative criminal places Georgia and Sohley on their tummies and hogties them!

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