Alexa Moves Into Bondage

Release Date: Sep.07.2015
Running Time: 0:45:44
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alexa Grace

When times got tough, Alexa Grace was grateful for a roof over her head -- until a pair of alarming visitors showed up at her new home!

After Alexa lost her job and hit the financial skids, Uncle Jack was happy to let her stay at his house. He noted that it was helpful to him as well because he was going out of town for a few weeks and she could take care of the place while he was gone. Uncle Jack told Alexa that his ex-wife might be dropping by to pick up some of the property she'd left behind -- also that his current lady might also put in an appearance. The grateful niece didn't see any problems forthcoming, but she couldn't have been more wrong! When the ex did show up, Alexa was working out; the sight of the lovely young blonde stretching in her exercise outfit triggered this combustible woman's temper. So after accusing Alexa of being the fortune- hunter who ruined her marriage, the crazed woman left the hapless house-sitter bound and gagged while she went to collect her property. Cleave-gagged and frog-tied, the astonished Alexa rolled around on the floor and hoped that the bizarre visitor would free her before departing!

No such luck, Alexa! Ignoring the innocent girl's explanation that she was Uncle Jack's niece, not his lover, the vengeful ex-wife deprived Alexa of her clothing, then bound the slender nude into a standing position, her wrists tethered separately above her head to conveniently-placed metal rings! Alexa's knees and ankles were also snared with rope, her breasts were rope-framed and a pair of ropes snaked between her legs on either side of her pussy. Repeated protests were muffled by microfoam tape sealing Alexa's bright- red lips, while her situation became more precarious when her hands were re- tied behind her back, though a rope web linked to the rings continued to support her!

Still naked, tautly roped to a chair and gagged with a bright red ball spreading her lips, Alexa at least was relieved to note that the alarming woman was preparing to leave. But the ex-wife was determined to teach her supposed rival a final lesson, so she produced a vibrator and gleefully waved it in front of Alexa's incredulous eyes. After rearranging Alexa's bondage so that her legs were spread wide, the triumphant divorcee secured this plastic teaching tool against the squirming girl's inner thighs so that its pulsations would immediately activate her clit! A flick of the switch and she was on her way; roped into submission, Alexa too was about to take a trip into O-land, a dubious pleasure indeed considering that she'd been dominated in humiliating fashion by the ferocious female! 

Not long after Alexa finally extricated herself from the oppressive ropework, she called her uncle to explain that she simply couldn't stay in the house where she'd undergone such an unnerving experience. Before she could make her exit, however, the second act of Alexa's disturbing bondage drama commenced when Uncle Jack's current squeeze burst through the door and accused the unhappy heroine of man-stealing, then demanded to know why she was wearing a dress that didn't belong to her! Poor Alexa tried to haltingly defend herself, but within moments found herself back in bondage; trussed-up on the floor in the disputed dress, Alexa miserably mouthed a knotted black-cleave and wondered what she had done to deserve such bizarre treatment! Once the suspicious woman decided Alexa hadn't ripped off her dress after all, the bound and gagged beauty assumed that she'd be freed, but her hopes were dashed again when her long legs were folded with a waist-ankle tether so that her shapely red- nailed bare feet arched close to her hip! 

The angry girlfriend predictably ratcheted up the blonde damsel's distress by relieving Alexa of her clothing, then placing the bound nude facedown onto a yellow lounge! A duct-tape gag muffled Alexa's murmurs as she wriggled ineffectually on her stomach under the watchful eyes of the nasty girlfriend, who was mistakenly trying to intimidate this apparent rival for Uncle Jack's affection. Shortly before bidding a sarcastic farewell to Alexa, she added an exclamation point to her message by tethering the weary subject of her ire into a hogtie; desperately striving to escape, Alexa swore to herself that once free of her bonds, she'd run fast and far from Uncle Jack's house! 

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