Costume Bondage Capers

Release Date: May.01.2015
Running Time: 0:45:13
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Tomi Taylor, Ashley Lane, Chloe Amour, Olivia Austin, Madi Meadows

 Ride'em, cowgirl!" is the cheer that Tomi Taylor always wanted to hear, but when Tomi finally got the chance to ride a horse, it was of the bondage variety! Tomi's a statuesque country lass, yet, overpowered by the ropes pinning her to the wooden apparatus, she's in no position to resist when her ornamented blue denim shirt's unbottoned to reveal lip- smacking breasts (she's unable to complain as well since she's bandanna-gagged)! With her booted feet tied down on either side of her steed, it's not long before Tomi's lack of panties also becomes impossible to ignore!

Ashley Lane's crimson-clad superheroine appears ready to take charge when she strides onto the scene, but it's Ashley who's progessively controlled by zip-ties! Thin but sturdy, the white plastic ties overmatch the ball-gagged beauty, whose hopes of superglory evaporate as she arches hogtied on the floor!

Chloe Amour's mystical powers seem pretty much tapped out; they certainly haven't prevented the dark-eyed sorceress from looking more like a magician's assistant entangled in rope! But Chloe generates plenty of sensual magic as the cleave-gagged stunner twists back and forth on booted feet while trapped in a web of rope! And the erotic electricity really crackles after Chloe's transformed into a kneeling, barefoot and crotch- roped icon of submission! 

There's nothing that's much more predictable than a buxom chambermaid like Olivia Austin finding herself in an embarrassing bind! Sure enough, blonde Olivia hasn't been roped to a chair and tape-gagged for long before the high heels disappear from her fishnet-clad feet and her eye-popping chest bursts out of her bright red costume! The busty beauty wriggles gamely but, of course, she's going nowhere!

Not to rub it in, but here's a tip for luscious retro-waitress Madi Meadows: Make sure your doors are locked! Madi forgot about that little detail so the long-legged lovely with the long dark hair ended up bound in her bathroom, standing black-roped to the towel-holder, the bright red ball between her lips contrasting nicely with her shiny yellow latex dress! Madi's a fetish delight from head to toe, from her expressive eyes and ball-gagged moaning to the fish-netted feet revealed by her high-heeled sandals -- and let's not forget a most alluring pair of rope-framed breasts peeping out of her unbuttoned costume! 

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