The Lizard Man Awakens

Release Date: Mar.14.2016
Running Time: 0:45:43
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Kristen Scott

Alone in the aging lab, graduate biochemistry student Kristen Scott makes a frantic phone call to researcher Holly Manning. Something terrible has happened, gasps Kristen, but before she can go into more detail, that something terrible arrives to silence the petite girl! The cause of Kristen's panic is a creature with the body of a human but the head and hands of a giant lizard! When Holly arrives in response to the call, she's shocked to find Kristen sitting bound and gagged in a chair - - a position she soon finds herself in after the Lizard Man overpowers her! Trussed up in their lab coats, silenced with cloths tied between their lips, Kristen and Holly writhe nervously as they contemplate the experimental disaster that's turned a man into a monster!

Holly and Kristen have lost their lab coats and stand side-by-side, their tight dresses coiled with rope as they balance on high heels. They have only a few moments to speak with each other and speculate on the monster's motives before ball- gags terminate their conversation! An overhead rope connection supports the bound pair while they watch the strange creature manipulate lab equipment -- are Kristen and Holly about to become his experimental subjects? 

A very different Holly's seated bound and tape-gagged on the floor -- the academic's voluptuous body is clad only in barely-there bra and panties! As Holly strains against her bonds, one question dominates her mind: Where's Kristen? The question's soon answered when the slender student's carried into the lab by the Lizard Man and deposited next to Holly; also tied and gagged, Kristen's pink bra and panties are her only clothing! After the ominous figure indulges in more dubiously scientific tinkering, he restricts his former colleagues' movements with waist- ankle tethers, then observes as they twist on their hips!

The Lizard Man's deranged project takes a bizarre turn when Holly's roped onto a device consisting of parallel metal arms that raise her slowly above the floor as his clawed fingers press a button! Gagged with duct tape, Holly squeals apprehensively during her ascension; in the background, lotus-tied and bare-breasted Kristen mumbles her objections to the emphatically unwanted attentions of the half- human entity, who seems fascinated by her squirming semi-nudity! 

For his final crazed venture before disappearing into the nearby marshlands, the Lizard Man removes Holly from her perch, only to replace her with the hapless Kristen! While Holly sits tied to a chair in her lingerie, the fragile student lies facedown on the metal apparatus, her legs stretched out and tethered to its arms. Of course, no experiment so bondage-oriented could end without a hogtie, so Kristen's bare feet are finally drawn up and hitched to her bound wrists. Her little body folded high above the floor, Kristen arches unhappily while Holly watches sympathetically; both are relieved by the departure of the wretched monstrosity, but can only wait for campus security to release them! 

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