Bondage Solves Knotty Problems

Release Date: Mar.14.2016
Running Time: 0:46:44
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Kenna James, Leah Gotti, Amarna Miller Ashley Lane, Blair Williams, Alix Lynx, Nina North, Chrissy Marie

Tied to a chair and gagged, Amarna Miller was in big trouble, but her friends Leah Gotti and Kenna James came to the rescue with the map that the conspirators demanded. The naive girls thought they'd be allowed to leave after keeping their part of the bargain, but the scheming crooks had other plans so all three soon sat bound and gagged on the floor! Intimidated at first, they began to cooperate in battling their bondage and edged closer to the curtained window in hopes of attracting attention from a passerby. But Kenna, Leah and Amarna finally recognized the unpleasant truth that they were out of their league, a point driven home by the humiliating exposure of their rope-framed breasts! 

The smiling woman at her door wasn't threatening at first, but when she pushed her way inside, Ashley Lane ran upstairs and attempted to escape! Trapped in her bedroom, Ashley was trussed up on the bed in her jacket, skirt and heels; a duct-tape gag muffled her feeble cries for help. After listening to her apartment being ransacked, Ashley slipped off her shoes and tried to open the window curtains with her bare feet. But the implacable female thief overheard Ashley's initiative and left the slender secretary hogtied and arching desperately!

Blair Williams had heard that disciplinary procedures at her new company could be severe, but she didn't realize how strict they were until she was tied onto the bondage horse after breaching corporate protocols! It was unpleasant enough to be trapped in ropes and gagged with a black cleave tied around the wooden post to which she was bound. But Blair's apprehension increased after her blouse was unbuttoned to expose her impressive breasts; before long her shoes were removed and her legs folded so that she knelt in a barefoot straddle! Barely able to move, Blair began to seriously consider looking for a new employer. 

Ingenious PI Alix Lynx was thrilled when she found the evidence she was looking for in a wooden chest. But an even more clever perp ensured that her triumph was short-lived by surprising Alix and binding her on top of the chest, then taping her mouth! Her black top wound with strands of white rope, Alix twisted vigorously but was held in place by yet more rope linked to the chest across her waist. After enjoying the sight of Alix's futile struggling, her mean-spirited nemesis bared Alix's breasts before absconding with the evidence.

Their plan fell apart fast: Nina North was grabbed and tied up first, after she tiptoed into the room on stockinged feet and began to search the area. Tethered on a futon and cleave-gagged, the petite brunette eyed her surroundings with alarm and hoped that her friend Chrissy Marie would somehow rescue her! That hope dissolved when Chrissy was shoved into the room, hands tied behind her back and a gag identical to Nina's between her lips. After Chrissy was placed on the floor and tethered to the futon below her friend, the amateur detectives murmured fearfully to each other as they struggled in bondage! Nina and Chrissy's hard lesson concluded when their vengeful opponents left them bare-breasted and defeated by their ropework! 

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