Bondage Cam Show

Release Date: Dec.23.2014
Running Time: 0:47:26
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Casey Calvert, Alix Lynx

he camera loves provocative bondage performers Casey Calvert and Alix Lynx!

Innocently enticing in a skimpy black top, denim shorts and shiny pumps, Casey gets the show underway as she kneels on the bed, speaks seductively to her cam fan, then stuffs her mouth with cloth and seals her lips with duct tape! The neatly roped Casey begins her performance as she sits with her back to the bed's headboard, then strains against her bonds with damsel-in-distress commitment and kicks off her shoes! Her bare feet held in cross-ankled restraint, the cute little brunette rolls onto her side and whimpers urgently as she attempts to free herself! 

Casey's joined by her partner-in-camming Alix Lynx, a busty blonde dressed in tight black top, leggings and sandals -- quite a contrast to Casey's nudity! After a brief but spirited wrestling match, Alix and Casey surrender to bondage. At first, both girls lie on their backs, trussed-up and tape-gagged; before long, though, the energetic squirmers twist onto their sides and clever Casey plucks at Alix's wrist bonds with her toes! Unable to free her friend, Casey just happens to rest her feet on Alix's torso, granting her fan a thrilling view of her soles and pussy! 

Why not a little breast-play among friends, especially when the breasts are as appealing as Alix's? Wrists tied behind her back and gagged with white tape, the blonde plaything sits in front of Casey, also tape-gagged, and moaned as her orbs are fondled and nipples tweaked! Casey's freedom doesn't last long, however; seated back-to-back in a diagonal on the bed, she and Alix writhe securely bound and yank against ropes that tether their legs to the bed frame! 

What better way to complete their performance together than for Alix and Casey to struggle next to each other in hogties? Both mouth black knotted cleaves, but dark-haired Casey's bound and folded with white ropes, while blonde Alix's creamy flesh is webbed with black rope! Arching on the their stomachs, the luscious heroines display toe-tied bare feet; writhing on their sides, they offer breasts and pussies to admiring eyes. 

Alix takes over as the solo star in a bondage that cocoons her beautiful body in rope! Gagged with microfoam tape, Alix rolls all around the bed and tests the ropework as she lies on her stomach, back, and side. The gutsy girl performs fearless acrobatics even though there's one special rope stretched tautly between her pussy-lips! 

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