Hogtied Business Beauties

Release Date: Apr.06.2015
Running Time: 0:48:25
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Carter Cruise, Kenna James, Shyla Jennings, Susan Ray, Allie Brooks, Terra Mizu, Andrea Rosu

Leggy enterpreneur Susan Ray's shocked to see her petite assistant Shyla Jennings shoved into the office by a sinister intruder! Ordered to tie up Shyla, Susan then offloads data at her computer for the villain while the tiny brunette struggles bound and gagged on the floor! After Susan performs her task, she joins Shyla in bondage on the rug, where they sit nervously side-by-side in stockinged feet while the mystery man examines Susan's work! Once he's satisfied, the callous crook hogties both women, then leaves the cleave-gagged pair squirming on their stomachs!

She'd been ordered to deliver the locked case directly to the CEO, so secretary Allie Brooks was troubled when a man strode into the isolated hospitality room, identified himself as the CEO's personal assistant and demanded the case. When she repeated her orders and refused, Allie was stunned by the arrogant man's response -- he bound her with rope and taped her mouth! After warning the fearful little blonde that he'd better find the contents of the case undisturbed, he left Allie struggling and trying to call for help. After a few minutes, she kicked off her shoes and made a last-ditch effort to hop to the door but was caught when the mysterious character returned. Swiftly hogtied, the unfortunate Allie wriggled on her stomach while he mocked her plight, then disappeared with the case!

It was going to be the biggest day of Terra Mizu's career but the bespectacled forensic accountant would spend the day at home instead of at the board-meeting. Surprised in her bedroom, Terra lay trussed-up on her bed, tape-gagged and desperately straining to loosen the knotted ropes restraining her! When she noticed her cell phone nestled in a fold of the bedspread, the dark-haired beauty contorted her body to bring her face close and try to summon rescuers! But the operative who had bound Terra was vigilant and ruthless, so he wasted no time in tethering her bare feet close to her hands, confident that the hogtied young woman would be much less likely to cause trouble!

Andrea Rosu's in trouble with some important people, which is why the buxom businesswoman finds herself standing bound to a bedpost with a black cleave between her red lips! Determined to show Andrea the error of her ways, her enemies embarrass her by liberating her breasts from the constraints of blouse and jacket so they're bared in a frame of rope! Unfortunately for Andrea, the fun's just getting started; after her shoes are removed, she's hogtied on the bed, where the indignant executive thrashes about in a desperate but futile attempt to free herself! 

Perched on stools next to their living-room bar, Kenna James and Carter Cruise are about to drink a toast to their latest and most lucrative real-estate success. But a former partner who they cut out of the deal is in no mood to permit their celebration; he has his own plans for the clever couple! They begin with Kenna and Carter seated bound to the stools and gagged with duct tape; wide-eyed and apprehensive they squirm while their one-time associate accuses them of ripping him off! More humiliating and stringent bondage ensues when the two alluring realtors are hogtied facing each other on the bar! Carter and Kenna arch athletically and flex their stockinged feet while the vengeful man watches in satisfaction! 

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