Alix Lynx: Tempted By Bondage

Release Date: Apr.06.2015
Running Time: 0:48:45
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alix Lynx

Alix Lynx is intrigued by the thought of struggling sensually in bondage so the enterprising blonde doll outfits herself in skimpy bra and panties and goes about the business of tying herself up! After managing to rope up her ankles, thighs and chest, Alix tape-gags herself, then cuffs her hands behind her back. Alix excitedly tests her bonds as she sits on a couch before rolling onto her stomach and playfully kicking up her bare feet. When her boyfriend shows up, he's happy to bare her breasts, then offers to give her a taste of more restrictive ropework!

Of course, to really experience submission to ropes Alix must be naked so she strips off her lingerie and allows herself to be chair-tied. Tethered to the chair by links from both her ankles and upper body, Alix writhes happily, then feels an even greater thrill when her lips are sealed with duct tape! The bound and gagged beauty tugs vigorously against the rope web trapping her and receives an invigorating surprise when her guy steps behind the chair and tilts it backward! 

Time for Alix to open herself to a different style of subjugation: Seated on a lounge with her hands tied behind her head, the nude girl's ankles are hitched back to spread her legs wide! Before long, Alix mouths a red ball-gag that emphasizes her joyful vulnerability; later, though, she seems to be less enthusiastic about a creative alteration by the boyfriend that lifts her spread legs high and suspends them overhead! 

Freed from her blatant nakedness, Alix is permitted to clothe herself in a tight little black dress and high-heeled sandals. Then the erotic explorer is tied standing and supported by an overhead rope connection; a black cleave gag neatly matches her dress and Alix twists daringly back and forth on her heels. When her dress is pulled up and her panties pulled down, Alix receives the reward of a crotch-rope to further stimulate her fantasies! Our fantasies receive a major boost from the sight of her rope-spread pussy and butt- cheeks! 

The final episode of Alix's kinky adventure begins as she sits on the edge of a wooden chest with her amazing little nude body webbed in rope. A microfoam tape-gag adds to her pleasure as she wriggles, then swings onto the chest to teasingly raise her feet! One last change of position transforms Alix into a hogtied struggler temptingly arching her toe-tied bare feet! But that helpful boyfriend has a final surprise for Alix, because when she signals that she's finally ready to be released, he laughs and heads out the door! Now the bondage-loving beauty's writhing for real -- though we're confident that she's equal to the challenge! 

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