Eat My Pretty Feet

Release Date: Oct.12.2015
Running Time: 0:56:18
Category: Foot Worship

Starring: Kenna James, Lena Shelby, Shyla Jennings, Blake Eden, Kylie Sinner, Maddy Rose, Keira Nicole, Samantha Hayes

 Fantasies of Kenna James worshipping her bare feet had obsessed Lena Shelby for months so she finally turned her dreams into reality by tricking Kenna into bondage! Once Kenna sat naked before her, bound hand and foot, Lena eagerly thrust her toes into the powerless girl's mouth; the angry pawn in her false friend's game had no choice but to suck! After dominating Kenna's tongue with her soles, Lena had lived her dream so she relaxed and ignored the source of her pleasure.

That turned out to be a big mistake, because the furious Kenna managed to free herself, then made sure that Lena took her turn in bondage! As Lena huddled nude and trussed on the floor beneath her, Kenna zestfully pursued her revenge by filling the once-dominant blonde's mouth with her slender toes! Relishing every moment of payback, Kenna then pressed her sweaty foot-bottoms against the humiliated Lena's face before ordering her to scour them with her tongue!

Feisty brunette Shyla Jennings and innocent blonde Blake Eden were kicking back in their nighties when Shyla asked Blake if her feet had ever been worshipped. Blake was speechless at first, then blushed when Shyla explained that she was discussing the intimate connection between wet mouths and soft bare feet! Adventurous Shyla went on to say that she found Blake's feet quite enticing and that she'd love to welcome those tender pink-nailed toes into her mouth. Her sweet friend was hesitant at first, but once Shyla began to lick her toes, then boldly wrap her lips around them, Blake smiled and cooed with pleasure! Shyla's sole-licking tickled, but Blake's pleasure in her oral expertise grew as the mouthy girl moistened her foot-bottoms!

Kylie Sinner was usually cautious when strangers came to the door, but Maddy Rose appeared so tiny and fragile that Kylie let down her guard. As she knelt tied and squirming on the floor in front of the couch where smirking Maddy sat back and raised her legs, then ordered Kylie to suck her toes and lick her soles, the stunned beauty swore that she'd never again trust a petite blonde with size-5 feet!

If your idea of a stimulating quarter of an hour involves watching a pair of scantily- clad young ladies apply their lips and tongues to each other's naked feet, then settle in and watch Samantha Hayes and Keira Nicole play the toe-sucking game! Luscious blonde Keira gets mouthy first as she kneels on a couch to vacuum Samantha's slender toes and lick her soft but wrinkly soles! Sweet Sammy's happy to lie back and accept Keira's oral tribute to her tootsies, but when it's her turn to get oral, she rises energetically onto her knees and feasts on her playmate's large but shapely feet! 

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