Stripped Down and Tied Up

Release Date: Sep.02.2011
Running Time: 0:46:40
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Lexi Bloom, Hayden Hawkins, Marie McCray, Jana Cova, Karina White, Lena Shelby


Lively Lexi Bloom's feeling a bit kinky, so she asks BFF Hayden Hawkens to tie her up so she can get a taste of helplessness! After tying up her naked little friend and gagging her with a scarf, Hayden revels in her dominant position by smacking Lexi's cute round ass and grabbing her boobs while the petite prisoner squeals! Lexi wants out, but Hayden's having way too much fun, so she forces the kneeling girl's face to the floor to remind her who's in charge!


Turnabout's fair play as far as Lexi Bloom's concerned, so she takes full advantage once her one-time tormentor Hayden Hawkens is naked and defenseless! Now it's her lanky blonde gal-pal who's kneeling naked, tied and cleave-gagged on the floor, and it's vengeful sprite Lexi who's squeezing Hayden's nipples and folding her into submission as the unhappy captive protests!


A mean-spirited "make-over" scheme backfires badly on Marie McCray when intended victim Nikki takes charge! Dazed by the change in plot, the little redhead's roped naked to a chair, legs spread wide to expose her pussy! As Marie squirms, Nikki deftly gags her with a knotted cloth, adds to her bondage, then snaps photos of the whimpering girl's humiliating situation!


Jana Cova's backyard bliss takes a turn toward terror when she's bound naked on a poolside bar! Roped to a post, a knotted cloth tied in her mouth, the vulnerable nude prisoner writhes and squeals, but the bonds tightened around her body assure that Jana's imprisonment will continue indefinitely!


"Strip quickly -- get those clothes off! Then lie face down on the couch!" Chilled by the intruder's harsh commands, Karina White complies with hands that shake uncontrollably! Bound on her stomach with black rope and gagged with black cloth, Karina courageously attempts to free herself, but a hogtie suppresses her energetic struggling!


Dressed for summer fun in tight top, short shorts and flip-flops, Lena Shelby's on the phone with a friend when she hears a suspicious noise! Moments later, luscious Lena's wriggling on her tummy, tightly bound, a black cloth covering her mouth! The blonde beach-girl's plight becomes more ominous when she struggles on her hip, her wrists and ankles tethered and breasts bared! 


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