Dangerous Diva Dominates A Dude

Release Date: Aug.23.2013
Running Time: 0:44:24
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Richard, Dangerous Diva

"What's the worst that could happen?" figures Richard when he welches on a debt. After Dangerous Diva's hired to intimidate him, Richard experiences the worst that can happen!

Once Dangerous Diva's on the case, she wastes no time in confronting Richard at his home. When he unwisely tries to brush her off, the Diva demonstrates her rope skills on the overconfident man. Before she's done, stylishly dressed Richard is writhing and grunting on a couch, a hogtied and tape-gagged prisoner of the Dangerous One!

Richard's predicament becomes more ominous after he's stripped to his briefs and bound spread-legged to a chair by the Diva. Black ropes and black tape secure and silence him while his enthusiastic tormentor menaces his vulnerable half-naked body. As a special treat, the Diva's linked his widely-separated big toes with string that she yanks on vigorously to get the stubborn debtor's attention!

Outdoors go Richard and the Diva, but it's only the Woman In Black who enjoys her time in the fresh air! Roped standing to a tree and gagged with white tape, the once arrogant young man now quivers in abject terror as his excited captor threatens his bulging leopard-print briefs with a pair of sharp-edged implements. But perhaps the Diva's enjoying the mind games she's playing with Richard too much and has forgotten the reason for her visit -- that's certainly the opinion of her client, who arrives and decides to fire her!

"Nobody fires Dangerous Diva!" rages the Queen Of Crime, but her client disagrees and has the henchwoman to make his decision stick! So the indignant Diva finds herself trussed up back-to-back on the floor with her despised victim, who's finally been wise enough to negotiate a settlement with his creditor. But Richard's caused too much trouble for him to go scot-free; gagged with a black cleave like the Diva, he's bound to her by a rope linking their chest restraints.

It began as a marvelous opportunity for Dangerous Diva to subjugate a man with her ruthless energy and peerless bondage skills; now it ends in unprecedented humiliation for the Diva as she continues to share Richard's captivity! Although she's allowed to remain in costume while the unfortunate man wriggles once more in his underwear, her frustration is obvious as they stand literally cornered, then writhe hogtied on a bed. A bitter pill indeed for this vibrant dominatrix to be so forcefully dominated!

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