It Sounds Like Somebody's Bound And Gagged In Ther

Release Date: Oct.24.2016
Running Time: 0:48:1
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jelena Jensen, Megan Sage, Britney Amber, Ivy Jones, Janira Wolfe, Shavelle Love

Alluring Jelena Jensen was the unhappy guest of a man who appreciated her colorful style -- her flowery print dress, her red-nailed toes and, most of all, her orange panties that he thrust between her lips and sealed in place with white tape! He also relished Jelena's marvelous breasts, so after allowing her to sit in bondage on the floor with her back against a desk, he finally lowered the dress to expose those rope- embraced orbs! Although a humiliated Jelena contorted her voluptuous body on the carpet to battle her bondage, she remained in the clutches of her most sincere admirer!

Curled up on the couch in pink bra and panties, her body mastered by a tight web of rope and her lips sealed with tape, dark-haired Megan Sage appeared compellingly vulnerable! As her eyes glanced nervously around her, Megan gasped softly while challenging the ropework that pressed so ominously against her arms and legs; falling onto her side, she kicked up her feet awkwardly until she was finally able to sit up on the edge of the couch. Bound, gagged and dominated by baffling forces, Megan tried to control her emotions as she awaited an end to her misfortune! 

Sexy spitfire Britney Amber was apparently getting dressed but never got any further than wispy black bra and panties; that's what she was wearing when she was carried into the room by a hooded figure with her hands tied behind her and duct-tape covering her mouth! Then, while Britney stood trembling, he tightened more rope around her chest before tethering her to a large red chair, where the wide-eyed heroine writhed in hopes of escaping the strange man! Still hitched to the chair, Britney was powerless to prevent her bra from being lowered so that her impolite host could grasp handfuls of the amazing Amber breasts! 

If the safe next to her desk hadn't been cracked by a female burglar, the day might have ended much differently for hot little office-worker Ivy Jones! But the shady woman decided she needed an upgrade in apparel, so she requistioned Ivy's stylish blouse, skirt and heels, then left the petite blonde trussed-up and tape- gagged in her barely-there bra and panties! Seated on the edge of her desk, Ivy writhed unhappily while her nemesis searched the office for more objects of value; before leaving, the ungrateful thief diminished her donor's mobility by linking Ivy's ankles to her waist and stringing her big toes together! 

Wearing party dresses and heels, Janira Wolfe and Shavelle Love received an unpleasant surprise when they returned home; seated on a couch with their hands and feet bound, they were told in no uncertain terms to keep quiet! Tape-gags silenced nervous whispers that were louder than they thought, but it was when Janira and Shavelle were caught attempting to free themselves that their plight became alarming. After they were untied and ordered to strip, the naked girls were separated so that Janira strained on the floor while tethered to one end of the couch while Shavelle sat on the couch at its other end, her ankles hitched to its leg!  

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