Naked Bondage Flavors

Release Date: Aug.01.2014
Running Time: 0:55:9
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Summer Brielle, Layla Sin, Casey Calvert, Anissa Kate, Prinzzess Felicity Jade, Alexa Johnson

 Blonde bombshell Summer Brielle explodes after she's bound naked and snared in a standing position by an overhead connector! Her stunning red lips spread by a black cleave-gag, Summer rotates on her red-nailed bare toes; rope-framed breasts and crotch- roped pussy complete the dynamic vision of an unforgettable damsel in distress!

Layla Sin ordinarily enjoys a bathtub full of warm water, but the pleasure's diminished for the raven-haired nude after she's subdued with black rope and gagged with a black cleave! Apprehensive Layla balances on the edge of the tub for a few moments, but first her bare feet, then the rest of her alluring body slides into the tub until she's bathing in bondage!

An invitation to the ball sounded like a fine idea to petite brunette Casey Calvert, but Casey was unpleasantly surprised when her naked body was welcomed to a ball-tie that left her squirming on the floor! As a special bonus, a red ball-gag was popped into Casey's mouth to muffle negative comments about her uncomfortable situation!

Spreadeagled on her bed in a rope network, exotic Anissa Kate barely has time to protest before her hooded nemesis stuffs her mouth with cloth and completes her gag with duct tape! And he's just getting started: While Anissa writhes and squeals, the cold- hearted man strokes her body with ice chips, paying special attention to her breasts and feet!

That's no throne to which Prinzzess Felicity Jade has been pinned with rope, just an ordinary metal-frame chair, but the feisty heroine responds to her plight with an extraordinary performance! As drool bubbles around her ball-gag the Prinzzess kicks up her toe-tied bare feet during this amazingly energetic battle against her bondage!

Tall, slender yoga practitioner Alexa Johnson undulates vigorously while seated bound and bare-skinned on the edge of a couch. But the tape-gagged blonde's most impressive efforts occur after the couch becomes a platform and she lies on her stomach, hobbled by an ankle tether; despite the restrictive position, Alexa arches her torso up off the platform to expose her rope- embraced breasts! 

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