Helpless Bondage Babes

Release Date: Aug.19.2011
Running Time: 0:44:48
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jana Cova, Charlie Royce, Vanessa Cage, Karina White, Miko Sinz, Carissa Montgomery, Jeanie Marie


Jana Cova warned Vanessa Cage that she was nervous about holding a big party at their house because some of Vanessa's friends were pretty wild! Vanessa airily dismissed Jana's fears, but regretted her complacent attitude as she struggled naked, tied and tape-gagged on the couch along with her soon-to-be-ex-housemate!


Aspiring starlet Karina White's audition for the lead role in an exploitation flick ends with Karina bound, gagged and exploited! Eager to win the role, Karina agreed to bondage, but once she was restrained, the lecherous producer transgressed her limits with toplessness!


An argument over stolen jewelry ends with Miko Sinz tape-gagged and trussed to a post in the garage! Using Miko's "crime" as a pretext, Carissa Montgomery humiliates the helpless girl by baring her breasts and pussy!


House-sitting for a wealthy friend seemed like a dream to Jeanie Marie until home- invaders Nikki and Loren turned it into a nightmare! Double-teamed by the two agile rope-mistresses, poor Jeanie's cleave-gagged and trussed-up in bra and panties that the nasty ladies disarrange before hogtying their prisoner!


Men hold hot trophy wife Charlie Royce in bondage while they await the ransom delivery! Roped to a chair with her legs spread, emotional Charlie twists vigorously against her restraints while her expressive eyes widen above the cloth tied between her lips! 


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