Tape Bound, Volume 25

Release Date: Oct.24.2016
Running Time: 0:49:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Britney Amber, Trillium, Ivy Jones, Janira Wolfe, Shavelle Love

Even though busty Britney Amber is a dynamic struggler, her duct-tape bondage is more than equal to the energetic resistance that propels her from sitting on the couch to rolling on the floor! Eyes wide above her tape-gag, Britney whimpers her discontent at the blatant exposure of her thrusting breasts, but she can't hide her shapely bare feet either as she undulates on the carpet!

Trillium's strenuous encounter with tape bondage begins as the sweet little blonde stands dressed only in a pink blouse that's pinned to her body with generous wrappings of the sticky material above and below her breasts. Before it's over, Trillium's been lowered to the floor with her knees, ankles and bare feet taped; breasts bared, she twists and strains against her unyielding as she murmurs through the tape sealing her lips! 

There's nothing under the coils of duct tape pinning luscious little Ivy Jones to the wide red chair except her naked flesh! Unable to free herself, Ivy reveals her pink bare soles and even pinker pussy when she kicks up her feet in frustration! After a final swath of tape is added around her arms and under her pert breasts, Ivy curls up on the chair and twists on her hip, then kneels in apprehensive submission!

Sweet and demure in her white blouse, short black skirt, pantyhose and heels, Janira Wolfe hardly deserves the mean treatment she gets from a mysterious woman. Once Janira sits tape-bound on a purple couch, her mouth is stuffed with cloth that's held in place by several strips of tape! The little blonde then twists in futility against her tape-restraint and whimpers indignantly after the nasty woman exposes her breasts! After Janira loses her shoes, she rolls onto her side and continues to struggle as her stockinged-feet arch with eye-catching allure! 

Barefoot brunette Shavelle Love's curled up on the couch in a bright yellow robe when her world's turned upside down! Bound and gagged with duct tape, pretty Shavelle squirms on her side until her substantial breasts are bared and she sits up on the edge of the couch! Desperate to escape, Shavelle rolls onto the floor and wriggles slowly across the carpet!  

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