Tie Me Naked!

Release Date: Feb.03.2012
Running Time: 0:45:10
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charisma Wood, Holly Sampson, Amber Lane, Jordan Ray, Fantasia Ferrer, Christy Burns, Ann Harlow, Kelli Marie, Penny Flame, Trista Mallory

Some girls willingly surrender to the sensual temptations of naked bondage. Charisma Wood, for example, writhes ecstatically while lying bound and spread on her bed! Wrists roped to ankles, dazzling Holly Sampson kneels and savors her nude vulnerability! Cute little Amber Lane lies hogtied, helpless and delighted while captor Jordan Ray toys with her naked body!

But Fantasia Ferrer's bondage arrives as unpleasant surprise from Christy Burns, who gleefully photographs her unclothed hostage! Kelli Marie and Ann Harlow repent their crooked scheme as they squirm together naked and hog-tied! Tough girl Penny Flame strips, trusses and ball-gags basketball star Trista Mallory, but her carelessness insures that Penny gets a mouth-filling taste of her own medicine when the angry athlete frees herself!

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