Double Trouble Tie Ups

Release Date: Jan.31.2013
Running Time: 0:51:54
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Britney Lace, Zarena Summers, Randy Moore, Niki Lee Young, Vanessa Veracruz, Scarlet Banks, Lena Shelby, Jamie Lynn

Britney Lace and Zarena Summers face a frightening problem: They have an unwelcome visitor who claims that loot belonging to him has been hidden in their home! Unable to produce the cash, Britney's tied hand and foot and tape-gagged to await Zarena's return; the leggy brunette solves his problem but her reward is bondage identical to her housemate's! While Zarena rolls on the floor in front of chair-bound Britney, the greedy crook scours their dwelling in hopes of more swag!

Disappointed in his desire for more wealth, the depraved intruder cheers himself up by forcing Zarena and Britney to strip, then tying the naked girls more stringently on the hardwood floor! When his captives prove too frisky, the ruthless man tilts Britney and Zarena onto their sides and tethers their wrists and ankles! Convinced at last that his wicked work is done, he takes time to view the whimpering captives as they scrub the floor with their soft bodies, then leaves the girls to free themselves as best they can!

Dressed for excess in a tiny black minidress and shiny black pumps, Randy Moore would have been the star of the party if she weren't lying trussed and tape-gagged on the floor of her own apartment! Niki Lee Young was shocked to find her room-mate in jeopardy but had no chance to rescue her; within moments, Randy and Niki sat back-to-back on the rug, their bodies roped together and wrists entwined! Barefoot and bare-breasted, the stunned girls writhed and moaned long after their callous captors departed!

Rarely have two such gorgeous raven-haired temptresses emoted so dramatically while restrained and silenced as do Vanessa Veracruz and Scarlet Banks! Surprised while returning home, Vanessa and Scarlet first sit bound to chairs on a small platform, their lips sealed with duct tape and dresses disheveled to reveal naked, rope-framed breasts! Later, made to kneel face-to-face on chairs, the dazzling prisoners twist in their bonds and rub their taped lips together in the unfulfilled hope of freeing their speech!

Lena Shelby accepted Jamie Lynn's invitation to discuss a peaceful resolution of their family feud, but deceitful Jamie was the only one talking after she surprised, bound and gagged Lena! After humiliating her pretty captive by yanking up her dress and exposing her pussy, Jamie pulled off her shoes and threw Lena onto her stomach! Once she'd enjoyed tormenting the squealing victim's bare feet and spanking her bottom, Jamie called for an underling to take Lena out to the desert so she could enjoy a long nude walk back to civilization!

If Jamie thought her cruel treatment of Lena had intimidated her, she was badly mistaken! Lena bided her time, then struck back while Jamie was resting in her bedroom -- no more rest for the tough girl after she was made to kneel in bondage! Her former captive added relish to her vengeance by gagging Jamie with a black cleave like the one she'd mouthed, and by baring her breasts and pussy! Lena also imitated her own domination by laying Jamie on her stomach and tantalizing her soles -- but because Jamie was far more ticklish than Lena, her suffering was that much greater!

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