Grab And Bind Of Erika Jordan: Ropework Massage

Release Date: Dec.21.2012
Running Time: 0:45:12
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Erika Jordan

Erika Jordan arrived at a client's home to give a masssage, but she was the one who received the hands-on treatment!

The unlocked door should have alerted Erika that something had gone wrong, but she walked in with her massage table anyhow. Erika knew her client enjoyed it when she added a touch of the provocative to the appointment, so she slipped out of her dress and stretched briskly in her bra and panties. That's when he appeared, a ludicrous figure wearing a hideous mask -- but a dangerous one as well, who seized Erika as she retreated toward the door. The sturdy little masseuse resisted noisily, but was swiftly bound and subdued; to emphasize his control of the terrified girl, he stuffed a lime in her mouth and secured it with strips of semi-transparent tape! Enthusiastically informing his captive that her client was in a bind, the bizarre criminal added that it was Erika's turn to mount the massage table!

Stripped to her panties, Erika knelt on the table where so many of her clients had reclined and relaxed under her soothing hands. Relaxation was the last sensation Erika was likely to feel, howver, as she shivered in the presence of the mysterious figure responsible for her plight. Circling the struggling girl like a predator, he watched as Erika, bound hand and foot and gagged with a knotted black cleave-gag, stared wide-eyed at her bizarre tormentor! Then, as she squealed indignantly, he reached out and caressed the breasts that he'd bared and framed with rope! To augment her anguish, the masked creature tethered her wrists and ankles together and linked her breast bondage to knee ropes; balanced even more precariously, Erika moaned when the heartless man laughed as he told her that her ordeal was just beginning!

Naked and even more vulnerable than before, Erika lay pinned on her back to the table with a web of rope that restrained her legs and arms -- as well as invading her privacy with a taut crotch-rope! Proud of his diabolical handiwork, Erika's captor fondled her quivering flesh as she whimpered through the bright red ball he'd pushed  between her lips! Mocking her misery, he hypocritically promised to cool her sweating body and immediately followed words with action by pressing a chunk of ice against Erika's sensitive bare soles, which spasmed as one thanks to a snug toe-tie! Shrieking at the agonizing sensation, Erika prayed for relief -- but deliverance came only in relative terms when he maneuvered the ice up her legs and on to her nipples! Erika's bound hands writhed in pathetic futility as the sadistic figure soaked her body in frigid water!

Erika received her final massage of the day, one that was even more excruciating than her earlier experiences! Her curvaceous little body folded into a hogtie, her mouth filled with a shiny blue ball-gag, Erika wriggled on her stomach while the vicious tormentor admired his handiwork! Once again, he'd paired her big toes with string so she was resigned to another icy assault on the naked foot- bottoms so prominently displayed by her bondage! But once her soles were soaked, he turned Erika on her side and tirelessly chilled her breasts with the maddening shards of frozen water! Erika was briefly encouraged when she was told that her massage table ordeal had ended -- then she saw what the shameless villain was holding!

He tied the vibrator between Erika's legs as she sat roped onto a tiny stool whose minimal height made her to kneel awkwardly! A carefully-placed mirror reflected the image she couldn't resist viewing despite the anguish it caused: Naked except for her thong, Erika was ruthlessly embraced by ropes, her mouth once again filled with black cloth, her eyes wild as the relentless man seized her breasts with unloving hands! Finally, after holding the desperate captive in suspense for several minutes, he brought the phallic device to life, then watched in satisfaction while Erika moaned as her body contorted out of her control! Buzzing mindlessly, the toy drove Erika on toward her orgasmic fate; only then was she relieved of his monstrous presence and could slowly begin to regain her senses!

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