Naked Helpless Captives

Release Date: Apr.18.2016
Running Time: 0:48:2
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jada Skye, Alexa Grace, Molly Mae, Summer Day, Kristen Scott, Shaye Rivers

Slender exotic beauty Jada Skye's shocking encounter with Alexa Grace begins when blonde bad girl Alexa orders Jada to strip! Once she has the naked girl tightly bound and standing tethered to a china cabinet, Alexa casually caresses Jada's body; when her plaything protests, the dominant intruder quickly ball-gags her! Alexa continues her pleasurable exploration of Jada's body by mouthing her nipples and sliding a hand between her legs while the wide-eyed nude gasps and squirms. After repeatedly swatting Jada's bare bottom, Alexa lowers her to the floor, where she's folded onto her hip by a waist-ankle tether, then leaves the bound and gagged object of her affections to free herself as best she can!

If Alexa thinks she's seen the last of Jada, she's in for an unpleasant surprise! Surprised while she naps, leggy Alexa appears much less imposing when she's kneeling naked, trussed and crotch-roped as her former bondage toy towers over her! Vengeful Jada wastes no time spreading Alexa's lips with the same ball-gag she mouthed, then teases a pair of rope-framed breasts before seating herself on the couch. As Alexa balances nervously on her knees, Jada lifts the spiked heel of her sandal against the ball-gag in a striking demonstration of her dominance; after removing the sandals, Jada gleefully presses her bare soles against Alexa's face before grasping those vulnerable nipples with her toes!

Cute little Molly Mae's run into an obstacle that prevents her from going about her everyday activities -- it seems that Molly's lost her clothing and she stands wriggling in ropes while tethered to her stairway railing! A blue ball-gag in her mouth prevents the anxious blonde nude from clearly expressing her unhappiness with the unusual situation -- especially when a crotchrope's tied snugly between her pussy-lips! A spirited struggler, Molly does her best to reverse the ropework snaked around her body, but it's simply too tightly-knotted for her to have a chance! 

To her consternation, buxom blonde Summer Day's wide open to the world as she lies spreadeagled on a four-poster bed! Tape-gagged Summer does her best to close the door by twisting energetically and tugging on the ropes holding her wrists and ankles in place, but her pussy's still blatantly exposed when a crotch-rope slithers into its welcoming nook! It's only an annoyance to Summer for a few minutes, but when it disappears, the replacement is a vibrator thoughtfully tied against her clit; as the toy buzzes, sexy Summer moans her way to a happy ending! 

The harsh voice ordered Shaye Rivers and Kristen Scott to remain motionless, an order they obeyed at first. After all, Shay and Kristen sat on separate couches a dozen feet apart from each other and both their small naked bodies were oppressively subdued with rope coiled tautly around their arms and legs! But after the tape- gagged friends murmured back and forth, courageous Kristen rose to her feet and hopped over to Shaye's couch, where they frantically tried to loosen their respective bonds and scrape off the tape over their mouths! But when Kristen lay back and managed to peel off Shaye's gag with her toes, they were apprehended! Before Shaye could call for help, her lips were re-sealed with tape and Kristen was compelled to hop back to her own couch; utterly intimidated, they lay on their stomachs and moved only with extreme caution until their larcenous guests departed! 

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