Cassie And Chloe's Bondage 101

Release Date: Apr.06.2012
Running Time: 0:45:55
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cassie Laine, Chloe Lynn, Anna Belle, Stacy Denison, Charlie Royce

Intrigued by the sensual potential of bondage, sexually adventurous best friends Cassie Laine and Chloe Lynn obtain some rope and get a little freaky! First, exquisite little brunette Cassie wriggles on the bed in bra and panties after Chloe neatly binds and cleave-gags her; delighted by the sight, blonde gal-pal Chloe bares her prisoner's breasts and fondles them, then playfully spanks the squirming Cassie!

After Chloe trades places with Cassie in bondage, she's shocked to discover that she's actually quite ticklish! Now wielding the upper hand, sweet Cassie thrills to the squeals that even Chloe's tape-gag can't muffle when her tiny fingers assault the bound blonde's bare soles and soft body!

Enthralled by their erotic experiment, Cassie and Chloe inadvertently granted a lustful neighbor an enticing view of their antics when they forgot to pull down their window blinds! Sneaking into their bedroom, she forces the luscious lasses to enroll in an advanced bondage course by hogtying and tape- gagging them after they've stripped naked! Now helpless and vulnerable, the sexy girlfriends roll about on their bed while the bad neighbor relishes their struggles!

Exotic Anna Belle decided to sample a session of restraint as a lark, but she discovers that once a rigger begins to add ropes to a beautiful naked body, it's difficult to stop! When her captor finally relents, the seething Anna's been trussed, tethered and tape-gagged; usually confident and controlling, Anna fights against the panic triggered by her bare-skinned and defenseless plight!

When Stacy Denison loses a tussle with slim but powerful Charlie Royce, Charlie celebrates her victory by trussing up the curvaceous blonde and tying a cloth between her lips! Determined to emphasize Stacy's subjugation, Charlie later pushes the captive onto her side and ropes her booted feet to her wrists, then laughs as Stacy whimpers through her cleave-gag!

Charlie's back in the more familiar position of damsel in distress after she becomes a home-bound hostage! Casually-clad in a flimsy top, denim short and flats, the gutsy heroine attempts to escape by painstakingly edging her way down a staircase despite the handicap of bound wrists and ankles! Once Charlie's close to the front door, she kicks off her shoes and tries to turn the doorknob with her bare feet -- but that's when Stacy gets her revenge by contemptuously yanking Charlie away from the door!

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Cassie Laine and Chloe Lynn are hot together ! Would love to see a similar video where Chloe Lynn does the same thing with Kiera Winters!