Grab And Bind Of Keira Nicole: Bound For Profit

Release Date: May.11.2015
Running Time: 0:46:12
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Kiera Nicole


He grabbed beautiful trophy wife Keira Nicole for cash, then tied and gagged her for fun! 

Lips sealed and wrists secured behind her with duct tape, luscious blonde Keira's in a serious bind as she's dragged through the door by a grotesquely- masked malefactor! After he seats her in a chair, the desperado tapes her knees and ankles before heading off to call rich hubby about the financial arrangement for his wife's return! Once that task's accomplished, the creep has time on his hands, so he removes Keira's shoes and tickles her shapely bare feet!

Negotiations are getting complicated, so Keira's evil host orders her to change clothes, then treats her to rope bondage and a white cleave gag! The bewildered girl's abandoned in a cluttered room where she struggles on the floor and fights against the panic that threatens to overwhelm her! After slipping out of her shoes, the barefoot blonde huddles against a stack of boxes and awaits the villain's inevitable return!

The heartless crook's frustrated by the delay of his payoff, so he takes it out on Keira by locking his nude plaything into stocks and subjecting her to ruthless tickling of her ribs, underarms and soles! Once he's worked off his annoyance, he ties Keira's hands behind the post, spreads her legs in the stocks and ball- gags her! Exhausted and intimidated by her ordeal, Keira trembles as she wonders what the vicious man's next move will be!

It's definitely not a good move for Keira, since she's now tightly bound and seated on the edge of a table; gagged with microfoam tape wrapped around her head, the beleaguered heroine whimpers as the cruel figure looms above her! When he responds to her anguish with laughter, Keira finally strikes back by kicking him in a sensitive area! Her instant of satisfaction ends unhappily when the angry man folds those long legs into a hogtie and ties her big toes together; Keira's more completely restrained than ever before! 

A happy ending at last -- for the evildoer! The money transfer's finally been worked out, so the newly-rich man is in a good mood, which he acts on by seating Keira on a bed with her legs spread and her breast ropes tethered to the footboard! Her embarrassing position soon morphs into a spreadeagle; as Keira angrily protests behind her tape gag, the nastily humorous creep informs her that he has to run because she's being left as an eye-opening surprise for her husband's impending arrival!  


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