Tape Bound, Volume 16

Release Date: Jan.10.2013
Running Time: 0:41:31
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kendra James, Mia Makova, Scarlet Banks, Britney Young, Charlotte Stokely

Lithe and lovely in a tight grey top and black pantyhose, Kendra James endures ruthless on-camera restraint that winds strips of white tape around her arms, legs and chest! Also gagged with white tape, Kendra reacts with indignation when her breasts are bared but can't avoid still more taping that covers her stockinged feet and leaves her hogtied!

Workout girl Mia Makova gets the tape bondage treatment on her exercise mat when the alluring blonde's limbs are immobilized with white tape! Eyes wide above her gag, athletic Mia vigorously challenges the tape inflicted on her mouth and body but without success; her top and pantyhose don't survive the experience as both are torn open to expose her breasts and feet!

Confined to her bed in duct-tape bondage, newcomer Scarlet Banks gives an award-winning performance that blends compelling tape- gagged whimpers, flashing dark-eyed expressions of anxiety and high- energy struggling! Depending on the position of her taped-up body, Scarlet exhibits breasts jutting through her torn shirt or arching feet sheathed in nude pantyhose!

Wide strips of silver duct tape render busty little blonde Britney Young quite helpless, though Britney never surrenders to her bondage, even after her tight green top has been shredded to bare her breasts and her black pantyhose ripped so that more tape can be wound about her bare feet!

The blonde fragility of Charlotte Stokely's no match for the gleaming black tape wrapped around her body and pressed over her mouth! Briefly released from the restraint that first secured her hands behind her, Charlotte later wriggles as she lies on a black leather bench, hands taped at her sides, her pantyhosed legs folded and taped to display her feet!

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