Bad Girls Love Bound Boys

Release Date: Feb.14.2013
Running Time: 0:46:49
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Pedro, Georgia Jones, Johnny, Kimberly Gates, Dane, Jamie Lynn, Brad, Aleigha Hotstein, Aaron, Melissa Jacobs

Ah, thinks Pedro, nothing as relaxing as a good massage -- except when his wacko ex-girlfriend Georgia Jones puts the masseuse on ice, then KOs him and ropes him to the massage table! While shorts-clad Pedro writhes in bondage, Georgia sits in a window-seat and has the time of her life rubbing her bare feet over his body and forcing him to mouth her toes! Once the foot- worship's concluded, Georgia gags the alarmed Pedro with duct tape, produces a lighter and maneuvers it ever closer to his squirming body! Pedro's predicament grows hotter by the moment -- how will Georgia's reign of terror end?

It's a classic bad news/good news situation for Johnny. The bad news is that he's lying bound, gagged and blindfolded on a couch; the good news is that he's being held hostage by delectable Kimberly Gates! After Kimberly disguises herself by donning a domino mask, she removes Johnny's blindfold and checks his bonds; he's momentarily scared when Kimberly produces scissors but she only uses them to cut open his shirt so she can fondle his bare chest! Turned on by Kimberly's sensual explorations, Johnny's simultaneously humiliated by becoming a toy for this dangerous woman!

"Groupie" is a word that Jamie Lynn would argue should never be applied to her; she's simply an admirer of talented musicians like Dane. Naturally that admiration often leads to intimacy -- after all she's Dane's muse! Or she was, until the hypercool keyboard player laid the bad news on Jamie that she wouldn't be accompanying him on the band's latest tour -- that honor would go to a younger, hotter version of Jamie! If Dane thought Jamie was simply going to slink away, he couldn't have been more mistaken; when the dust settled, the music man was squirming thoroughly trussed up on the table in the space his keyboard had recently occupied! Made to listen to Jamie's ranting without the possibility of rebuttal thanks to the duct tape on his mouth, Dane moans in frustration while his ex-muse teases with her bare boobs, then watches in horror when she departs with his prize keyboard!

Wagers like the one between Aleigha Hotstein and her man Brad occur in millions of living-rooms around the land during football season: A hotly- contested game ends and, just as in the stadium, there's a winner and a loser on the couch. But it's probable that not many bets end with the winner tying up her square-jawed boyfriend, pressing red tape over his mouth, then mischievously taking advantage of his helpless condition to tease him both verbally and physically! Aside from flaunting her naked breasts, the physical domination consists primarily of Aleigha allowing her bare feet to roam freely over Brad's upper body and face, a pastime that amuses the enticing sports girl quite a bit more than her disgruntled guy!

It's always flattering when a hot girl like Melissa Jacobs really, really wants to hook up with you. But when cautious Aaron tries to cool Melissa's obsession, she goes off the deep end and invades the unlucky guy's home. Determined to get Aaron's undivided attention, the sexy crazoid hogties him in his underwear, gags him with duct tape, then crawls all over him while he squirms in bondage!

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