Secretaries In Peril

Release Date: Aug.10.2012
Running Time: 0:46:53
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Sophie Nova, Aaliyah Love, Jana Jordan, Riley Reid, Shyla Jennings, Dani Daniels

From her gleaming eyegasses to her shining pumps, Sophie Nova's a model of secretarial style! But when Sophie interrupts an office burglary, the elegant redhead's trussed up and gagged on her desk; after an escape attempt, Sophie loses her shoes but gains a leg-folding tether that neatly displays her stockinged feet!

Tied up and tape-gagged by home invaders, spunky Aaliyah Love loosens her ankle bonds, then edges to her laptop in the hope of alerting a friend. But after one of the thieves discovers her, Aaliyah's first roped to a futon, then immobilized barefoot on her side by a linkage between wrists and ankles!

"Desk-bound" takes on a new and sinister meaning for Jana Jordan after she's cornered in her office by an unbalanced admirer! Trussed in stockinged feet on her knees to the metal desk-leg, Jana listens with mounting alarm to the man's crazed endearments; it's a one-sided conversation thanks to the knotted cloth tied between the slender blonde's lips! After he dishevels her clothing to expose her breasts and panty-hosed legs, Jana can only hope that company security's on the way!

The dazed victim of devious Loren Chance's split-second inspiration, Riley Reid lies bound and gagged on her bed while her captor gloats. In no hurry to leave her sexy prisoner, Loren winds more rope around Riley's arms and legs, then bares her breasts and feet while the humiliated girl writhes hopelessly in her bonds and moans through her black cleave!

Her curvy little body attired in a snugly-fitting sweater and miniskirt, her tiny black-stockinged feet thrust into spaghetti- strapped sandals, Shyla Jennings simply couldn't be more desirable! No question that kinky office-manager Dani Daniels agrees because she wastes no time in snaring her luscious subordinate in ropes and silencing her protests with a mouth-filling cleave! Once Dani hikes up Shyla's sweater, slips off her sandals and tethers the squealing captive on her hip, she quivers with pleasure as she savors the treat she's prepared for herself!

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