Wrapped Up Tight And Fondled

Release Date: Feb.22.2013
Running Time: 0:52:36
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Lena Shelby, Jamie Lynn, Vanessa Veracruz, Scarlet Banks, Alexis Allen, Aiden Ashley, Elle AlexandraAleigha Hotstein, Alyssa Reece,

Title this fateful encounter of Lena Shelby and Jamie Lynn "The Ballad Of Black On Blonde!" Securely wrapping Lena's vibrant body required extra-tough black tape; once she was defenseless, Jamie toyed with Lena shamelessly. Jamie's contemptuous treatment reached its peak when she sat back on the couch and used her bare feet to prod Lena's body as she lay prostrate and squirming on the floor!

Based on her aggressive handling of duct-tape-wrapped sizzler Vanessa Veracruz, Scarlet Banks deserves to rank with mean girls like Elle and Jamie! A knockout in skin- tight red dress and bondage heels, Scarlet corners hapless Vanessa on a wooden platform and towers over her trembling prey, whose charms are all too visible, thanks to her clear plastic wrapper! Once Vanessa's horizontal, Scarlet mischievously tickles those exquisite size-5 soles, but also spends plenty of time caressing her plastic- trapped breasts!

Pink is Alexis Allen's favorite color, but it's fair to say that Alexis doesn't much appreciate the sticky pink tape pressurizing her petite, plastic-wrapped body! On the other hand, the tape-gagged little blonde fascinates a hooded character who steadies Alexis as she balances on her small naked feet, then deposits her on a bed after taping her toes!

It's not difficult to imagine raven-haired Aleigha Hotstein as an imperious pharaoh's daughter, so a shining silver mummification from ankles to shoulders seems perfectly appropriate! Aleigha, of course, begs to disagree, but those strips of duct tape over her mouth successfully suppress her objections!

Red tape matches Alyssa Reece's fiery personality, so we spiraled plenty of it around her slender plastic-encased body, sealed her lips with several crimson strips and got out of the way! Gyrating as she stood, then rolling about zestfully on a bed, Alyssa surpassed expectations with her exhibition of sensual energy!

So how would you expect Elle Alexandra to act when she gets her hands on a neatly-wrapped package of luscious naked girl named Aiden Ashley? Anyone who's enjoyed the antics of this zany redhead won't be surprised to watch her dramatic domination of Aiden, whose white-tape-and-plastic cocoon prevents her from offering any resistance other than gag-stifled squeals!

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