Ball Gag Betrayal

Release Date: Jan.20.2012
Running Time: 0:47:18
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Justine Sands, Shay Ruskin, Charisma Cole, Kendra James, Vanessa James, Alex Courtney, Anna Mills, Kaylynn Calloway

Their eyes plead for release, but hard-rubber balls stifle their words! From glamorous, smoldering Justine Sands to winsome Charisma Wood, eight luckless heroines struggle against tight ropes and pitiless gags! Hogtied and indignant, nurse Shay Ruskin furiously fights her captivity; Kendra Carey and Vanesssa James also experience the special immobility of the hogtie! Bare-breasted Alex Courtney writhes with hands tied above her head, while topless teasers Anna Mills and Kaylynn Calloway wriggle on a bed until they work free of their bonds!

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