Sweet Struggling Captives

Release Date: Mar.09.2012
Running Time: 0:43:31
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Devon Marsh, Vicki Morrison, Anne Marie, Aubry Taylor, Justine Sands, Shannon, Cindy O'Hara, Demi Morgan, Sophia Samuals, Hannah Thurman


Sure, starlet Devon Marsh treated her personal assistant Vicki Morrison like a slave. But you can't help feeling sorry for poor little Devon after pissed-off Vicki overpowers and ties up her astonished employer! A burglar binds and gags cute Aubrey Taylor, then forces girlfriend Ann Marie to open their safe! After she coughs up the cash, Ann Marie joins Aubrey in bondage! Even with her breasts bared, businesswoman Justine Sands makes a demure captive as she sits neatly bound to a chair!

Old friends Cindy O'Hara and Shannon look forward to their weekend alone at a mountain retreat. But they didn't expect their togetherness to consist of struggling side-by-side in bondage! Restrained in the backyard, Demi Morgan admits that she's roped up like never before! Believing they've conned their partner, Hannah Thurman and Sofia Samuels laugh as they congratulate themselves. Later, as they sit bound and gagged on the bathroom floor, the con-girls realize their glee was premature!


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