Struggling Suits

Release Date: Aug.31.2012
Running Time: 0:47:30
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Sophia Smith, Marlena Mercurio, Randy Moore, Roxy Valentine, Miko Sinz, Maddison Mayes, Ashley Jane, Carly Banks

Left bound and gagged upstairs, courageous secretary Sophia Smith wriggles downstairs step-by-step as she attempts to escape!

Marlena Mercurio's trussed to the headboard of her bed, silenced with mouth stuffing and cleave-gag, a struggling hostage in her own home!

When Randy Moore surprises conwoman Roxy Valentine lurking in her home, the pretty secretary's taken captive by Roxy, who hogties Randy and gags her with a scarf!

A telephone misunderstanding has a bizarre outcome for sexy entrepreneur Miko Sinz, who's bound and gagged with neckties and left to squirm indignantly in her office chair!

As a securely-bound Maddison Mayes writhes amid papers strewn on the floor of her apartment, the dazed young businesswoman utters plaintive cries through her cleave-gag!

Weary from a hard day at the office, executive Ashley Jane returns home, only to fall into the clutches of sexy thief Carly Banks! By the time Carly's finished with her, Ashley's lying ball-tied and tape-gagged on her kitchen counter!

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