Kenna And Harley Ride The Bondage Horse

Release Date: Nov.16.2015
Running Time: 0:47:15
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kenna James, Harley Jade, Anissa Kate, Jenna Ivory, Staci Carr

The contrast couldn't be greater between Kenna James, dazzling in her transparent black chemise and red panties, and the dark skull-masked creature who relentlessly stalks her until she's restrictively roped onto the Bondage Horse! Ball-gagged Kenna whimpers as her nemesis insolently fondles her breasts, then bares them for more intensive caressing; her eyes widen as he approaches her slender bare feet and tickles them with heartless abandon while she giggles! After he leaves, Kenna's desperate to dismount her horse, but she's saddled for the duration with her long legs pinned down and her wrists tied behind the post!

Anissa Kate's an eyecatching sight in her tight red dress, but she's an absolutely breathtaking nude after she returns home and follows the suggestion she finds on a note to disrobe and wait for a surprise. The surprise arrives in the form of bondage that pins Anissa's gorgeous naked body to a chair; webbed in rope and gagged with duct tape, the exotic beauty undulates sensually while she relishes her submissive role! Her real-life dream grows even more erotic after Anissa's ankles are re-tied to spread her legs, a position that elicits gasps of delight from this damsel in ecstatic distress! 

A convincing con artist takes advantage of Jenna Ivory by impersonating a police officer and ordering the busty "suspect" out of her clothing! It's only after Jenna's kneeling naked and trussed that she catches on to the scam and voices her displeasure, but several strips of duct tape muffle her indignation! Jenna's strange encounter takes another embarrassing twist when she's tethered standing to a china cabinet with a crotchrope snugly tied in place! 

Staci Carr's bright blue eyes gaze wildly about her, expressing amazement at her plight as she stands subdued by rope and tethered to a stairway railing in her bra and panties! The shining blue ball-gag separating the luscious little blonde's lips prevents barefoot Stacy from voicing anything more than anguished murmurs at her near nudity after both pieces of lingerie are disheveled!

Enticing in a pink teddy, buxom Harley Jade takes her turn on the horse with her legs frogged and spread on either side of its back, her lips sealed with gleaming white tape! Harley's nearly immobilized by her awkward position, but she strains fervently despite the heavy odds against her; the innocent young woman's dismayed by the exposure of her rope-webbed breast! 

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