Staci Carr: Pussy Bound

Release Date: Dec.08.2014
Running Time: 0:45:21
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Staci Carr, Carissa Montgomery
Staci Carr is 100 pounds of sexual dynamite in a small spread-legged 
Staci's working at her desk when, in a drastic disruption of her day, 
she's chairbound and silenced!  Her hands tied separately to the back of the chair and her 
sandaled bare feet each tethered to one of the rear chair legs, Staci's pantieless 
predicament is blatantly revealed when her dressed is yanked up over her waist!  Futile struggles ensue while Staci murmurs in bewilderment through her black cleave gag!
No dress, no nothing for Staci when she's spreadeagled to the four 
thick legs of an overturned coffee table!  Gagged with mouth stuffing sealed by transparent 
tape, the little blonde spitfire writhes on her back but is powerless to conceal a wide-open pussy that's especially enticing when viewed from floor level!
Staci squirms in a very different position when she's tied facedown on a massage 
table, her legs attached to each side of the table.  A duct-tape gag prevents Staci from 
voicing her disapproval when her legs are folded up separately and 
tethered apart.  An especially poignant tableau results from the sight of her pussy remaining motionless at table level while the red-nailed fingers of her bound hands and the red-nailed toes of her bound feet wriggle above! 
After she's taken outdoors, Staci would have undoubtedly preferred a dip in the 
pool, but her vote doesn't count!  So instead she's tied onto an elegantly-curved wooden 
chair, hands hitched above her head to the chair, legs frogged and linked to its arms. 
Staci's bright blue eyes sparkle above a red ball-gag while her beautiful naked pussy-
centered body twists in the chair!
Staci finally receives her reward for providing so much voyeuristic delight, though she might have a different opinion on the nature of the new character in her drama!  At first she's very simply spreadeagled on a towel in the backyard, her wrists and ankles roped to spikes driven into the lawn.  Then the pussy that's starred in scene after scene is joined by a trusty little vibrator tied against Staci's clit; whimpers emerging from behind her microfoam gag communicate the arc of her arousal and ultimate collapse into orgasmic fulfillment!

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Staci was phenomenal and the pool scene made me hard so quick. Staci rocks