Tape Bound, Volume 17

Release Date: Feb.06.2015
Running Time: 0:45:41
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sophia Knight, Mia Malkova, Cali Logan, Eva Lovia, Tiffany Marshall

After blonde British beauty Sophia Knight's rendered helpless with duct tape, sexy Mia Malkova can't resist toying with Sophia as she struggles on her bed! While the hot captive squeals, Mia sucks her toes, spanks her delectable bottom and fondles her bare breasts. 

When petite Cali Logan takes her lifeguard job too lightly, a supervisor applies tape-bondage to adjust her attitude! Cali squirms indignantly on the floor and regrets her nonchalance when her breasts are bared by a ripped-open shirt; a final tape twist from wrists to ankles introduces Cali to the restrictive world of the hogtie!

Buxom brunette Eva Lovia strains against strips of duct tape that pin her ankles and knees together as well as snaking around her waist to trap her wrists! Also tape-gagged, Eva's subjected to breast exposure and wriggles while her tape-secured bare feet are tickled!

Clad for comfort in a colorful T-shirt and abbreviated sweatpants, doll-like Tiffany Marshall becomes more closely acquainted with duct tape than she'd ever wanted to be! During her fervent efforts to escape the tape, Tiffany rolls from an armchair onto the floor; she's unsuccessful, of course, but provides exciting glimpses of her exquistely- arched bare feet throughout the drama! 

When it's time for revenge, Sophia shows that she's picked up some moves from Mia! Now it's a tape-bound Mia who rolls about on the bed trying to escape the nude avenger, but Sophia easily controls her prisoner as she tickles and mouths Mia's exquisite bare feet, then licks her beckoning breasts! 

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