Caught In A Web Of Rope

Release Date: Mar.21.2014
Running Time: 0:46:13
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Cherie Deville, Randy Moore, Layla Sin, Cali Logan, Caroline Ray, Cassie Laine

Two pretty young women sit propped up on a bed; they're dressed in crisp blouses, tight short skirts, high heels and pantyhose. Oh yes -- Randy Moore and Cherie Deville are also blindfolded and tied hand and foot because they're novice PIs being taught an intimidating lesson! The enterprising investigators manage to disentangle themselves from their ropes, but freedom doesn't last long: More thoroughly bound, their mouths stuffed and covered with black cloth gags, Cherie and Randy find themselves back on the bed! Their shoes quickly disappear to reveal pantyhosed feet and leering captors dial up the humiliation by opening the defenseless women's blouses to expose bare breasts amidst encircling ropes!

Layla Sin is a kind person and conscientious employee; especially when she's clothed in a sculpted sleeveless blouse and skintight skirt, Layla's also a dazzling beauty. When book-keeper Layla discovers that a workplace colleague has been embezzling, her sweet nature takes over and she agrees to help him make restitution. Of course, the shameless thief has no intention of doing the right thing, so once he's lured the innocent girl to his home, he puts her on ice by tying her up and tape-gagging her. Shocked by her friend's treachery, Layla tries to hop off the table where he's perched her, but she doesn't get far after kicking off her shoes. While the embezzler consults with a co-conspirator, the unfortunate Layla's back on the table, where she arches desperately in a hogtie!

Run, Cali, run -- but there's no place to hide! After she's trapped in her bedroom, vivacious secretary Cali Logan sits in tight bondage on the floor with a white cleave tied between her lips. Refusing to accept her immobility, Cali kicks off her heels and rolls around energetically as she fights to loosen her bonds. Cali's stockinged feet flex and her long dark hair swirls over her white blouse during her noisy struggles until a waist-ankle tether finally pins the recalcitrant captive in place.

Who wouldn't be scared after the bad guys tie and gag you? But gutsy Caroline Ray kicks her ankle ropes free, runs for the door -- and almost makes it outside before she's grabbed! No more escape attempts for the little lady in the brown business suit after she's roped up more snugly and deposited in her bathtub with her breasts bared and stockinged feet tethered to the water spigots!

A diminutive delight in her pinstripe suit and peep-toe pumps, Cassie Laine turns heads everywhere but it's an unbalanced office admirer who plunges Cassie into captivity! Bound in a chair and tape-gagged, Cassie trembles as the obsessive man rants about her beautiful little feet; her plight worsens when he turns from words to action by suspending her legs with a vertical rope so he can caress her pantyhosed toes and soles!

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