Dangerous Diva Evens The Score

Release Date: Oct.19.2012
Running Time: 0:50:39
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Riley Reid, Loren Chance, Sabrina Taylor

"Believe me, I can appreciate criminal enterprise as well as the next lawbreaker, but when I learned that a shifty young lady named Riley Reid was making a nice living by exploiting my reputation, I went ballistic! Riley and her partner were raking in the cash from poor suckers who made donations to their phony website "Victims Of The Dangerous Diva!" When they refused to give me a righteous piece of the action, I surprised Ms. Reid in her office; after a spirited 30-minute confrontation Riley was naked, hogtied and tape-gagged! From the sounds she was making as she wriggled around on her desk, I think it's safe to say she now understands what it's like to truly be a victim of the Dangerous Diva!"

"Even as I stood bound to the post in that filthy garage, I had supreme confidence in my ability to escape this predicament! Go ahead, mysterious henchman, tie a cloth between my lips and mock me: "Not-So- Dangerous Diva" indeed! I just knew I'd have the last laugh -- though it was a bit more difficult to keep up my spirits after he hogtied and ball-gagged me! My strategy was to put up a great show as the damsel-in-distress, writhing and drooling like a hysterical captive! Convinced of my helplessness, the poor thug became complacent and I KO'd him with one swift kick; then it was time to discover who put him up to his bad behavior!"

"Once I disposed of the henchman who thought he had me subdued, I went into investigational mode. Turns out the troublemaker who hired my overconfident antagonist was Sabrina Taylor, an ambitious bitch delusional enough to think she could sideline me permanently! Sabrina objected strenuously when I invited her to join me at the same dingy garage where her flunky had imprisoned me, but I insisted vigorously and she was unable to resist the force of my argument! I enjoyed every minute of our time together: Sabrina's tits were deliciously squeezable and after I trussed her nearly-naked body into immobility, this wannabe rival's gag-stifled moans were convincing evidence of her pathetic inadequacy to compete with the Dangerous Diva!"

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