Girls in Danger

Release Date: May.23.2016
Running Time: 0:48:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kristen Scott, Jillian Janson, Holly Manning, Kylie Quinn, Ashley Lane

It's impossible not to root for plucky little Kristen Scott as she runs through the backyard trying to escape a sticky situation. Hands tied behind her and gagged with duct tape, nimble Kristen is so close to evading the hooded thug chasing her, but he finally snags his prey, lifts her into his arms and carries her back indoors! Once inside, Kristen sits on the floor against a decorative boulder, her ankles and knees bound to prevent any future runaways! Quite the contemporary heroine in her purple tank top, skinny jeans and sandals, the petite prisoner's dominated by rope but refuses to surrender meekly and even rises to her feet before a harsh warning convinces her to submit!

She can't voice the question because of the duct tape sealing her lips, but alluring Jillian Janson conveys it with her eyes: "How did I get into so much trouble?" It's a fair question because Jillian's kneeling naked, bound and crotch- roped on a bed, and the ropework remains oppressive despite ambitious twisting and straining on her hip! Unhappy Jillian encounters an even higher level of restraint when she's hogtied, but continues to vigorously battle her bondage by arching her body until her head rises almost as high as her toe-tied bare feet!

Holly Manning receives a harrowing lesson in the perils of courtship when the bride-to-be's held in bondage by an ex-boyfriend who just won't go away! A black cleave between Holly's lips matches the black rope webbed around her bridal gown as she sits on a couch, but despite her predicament, she gasps furious protests and kicks up her glossy white peep-toe pumps! The battle of wills continues after Holly's legs are raised onto the couch, where she strains furiously in stockinged feet against an added set of rope entanglements!

The outcome's all too predictable when adorable student Kylie Quinn falls into the clutches of cat burglar Ashley Lane! Standing bound and cleave-gagged in her white blouse, red plaid skirt and sandals, Kylie squirms as wicked Ashley fondles her chest! Matters become even more dire for Kylie after Ashley seats her next to the safe she's just burgled, then caresses and licks her bare breasts; leaving her barefoot plaything to struggle on the floor, the masked mean girl goes in search of more loot!

But Ashley didn't count on the arrival of assistance for Kylie that leads to a dramatic reversal of fortune! To her immense indignation, Ashley sits tightly bound on a desk and mouths the same black cleave she used to gag Kylie while the once trembling student gloats and takes selfies with the trapped cat! An even more bitter dose of humiliation for Ashley follows when she's unmasked and her high heels removed so Kylie can tickle her bare soles! The student's lesson in revenge concludes with Ashley lying hogtied on the desk; tape-gagged now, the bound burglar arches and giggles as Kylie gives another fingernail massage to her toe-tied bare feet! 

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