Tape Bound, Volume 24

Release Date: May.23.2016
Running Time: 0:50:39
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Holly Manning, Ashley Lane, Kylie Quinn, Katie Lynn, Charlotte Stokely, Mackenzie Lohan, Elle Alexandra

If you're planning to keep Holly Manning quiet for awhile, why not order her to collaborate in her own tape bondage? So as Holly sits nervously on the floor in her dark top, blue jeans and bare feet, she's tossed a big roll of duct tape, with which she wraps her ankles and thighs, then gags her self! Holly's unwelcome guest then takes over, with the result that her crossed wrists are taped behind her and swathes above and below her breasts pin her arms! Gagged and bound Holly's then left powerless, unable to do more than roll about in frustration on the carpet!

Slender Ashley Lane's appealingly dressed for the office in a red blouse, long blue skirt, pantyhose and heels, but work will have to wait because Ashley's been snatched, gagged and bound with duct-tape, then hidden in a van! The timid girl's wide eyes compellingly convey her understandable alarm as she squirms in stockinged feet, then curls up protectively after her breasts are bared!

Casually clad in a black shirt and blue jeans, sweet little brunette Kylie Quinn receives duct tape restraint that leaves her seated on the floor and whimpering behind the tape covering her mouth! Kylie struggles strenuously but the unforgiving tape bondage prevents her from doing anything more than rolling onto her stomach and kicking up her bare feet!

Despite the multiple coils of duct tape subduing her body and sealing her lips, Katie Lynn presents a surprisingly businesslike appearance as she sits cross-ankled on a bench in her lavender blouse, black skirt, pantyhose and shiny black pumps! But pretty blonde Katie's apparently earned the enmity of shadowy folks who humiliate her by not only exposing her breasts, but tearing her stockings so that her bare feet protrude through the hose as she angrily kicks up her legs!

This spectacular scene featuring three luscious tape-bound-and- gagged nudes begins with Elle Alexandra and Mackenzie Lohan sitting on the floor in front of a desk while Charlotte Stokely perches on top of it! As Elle and Mackenzie writhe beneath her and attempt to loosen each other's bonds with their bare toes, feisty Charlotte slides down onto the floor, where the trio rolls around together!

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Hello, Could you please re-upload this video file ? I cannot view it, even after I refresh my browser and update my Adobe flash player. It happened only for this video and not for the rest of your streaming site.