Bondage is Beautiful

Release Date: Jan.22.2015
Running Time: 0:43:38
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Whitney Westgate, Goldie Cox, Alexa Grace, Hannah Perez, Jenna Sativa, Effy Rose


Whitney Westgate has a vivid imagination, so when she views a girl in bondage on the tube, she immediately fantasizes about her own bound and gagged experience! Tied up and tape- gagged, Whitney at first sits demurely in her black nighty on the edge of a couch, but as her subconscious heats up, the sizzling heroine rolls around on the furniture. Whitney's arousal grows as her top and panties malfunction until she lies on her back, raises her legs and proudly exhibits naked soles and pussy!

Leggy Alexa Grace is half a foot taller than Goldie Cox, but they appear suspiciously twinlike as they sit pinioned to identical metal-frame chairs. Whether they're side-by-side or face-to-face, the bound nudes mirror each other's struggles as they resist their perplexing situation; Alexa and Goldie's microfoam-tape gags restrict the expression of their anxiety to incoherent mumbling and wide, worried eyes! 

Red's not a color that Hannah Perez will remember fondly after the busty little nude squirms in bondage on a scarlet bedsheet and noisily mouths a shiny crimson ball-gag! A rope tether secures Hannah to the headboard as she wriggles on her stomach; later the tether's utilized to rearrange the undressed damsel on her knees. In that position, Hannah thrusts forward her rope-framed breasts and arches her wrinkled size-5 bare soles in defiance of her restraint! 

It's already a scary experience for Jenna Sativa to be sitting tied up and gagged in a chair, but the buxom brunette's plight will soon become more dramatic! When a scheme goes wrong, Jenna's deprived of her dress and her naked body's more abundantly restrained. The stunned girl now whimpers through a white cleave instead of an overmouth gag and even her shoes disappear, leaving her nude from head to toe!

The worry lines on Effy Rose's forehead are understandable considering that she's sitting naked on her carpet with her arms and legs oppressed by knotted coils of rope. The fresh-faced blonde starlet's not happy with this novel experience but her negative opinions are abruptly countered by a tape-gag. Optimistic at first, Effy battles her bondage with sustained contortions until it's clear that her small body's no match for wickedly efficient ropework! 


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