Costumed Girls Captured In Bondage

Release Date: Jan.22.2015
Running Time: 0:52:14
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Josie Jagger, Ashley Lane, Hannah Perez, Effy Rose, Alexa Grace, Goldie Cox

 Sexy cop Charlotte Stokely wears the handcuffs after she's surprised and ordered to remove her shoes and pantyhose, then hogtied cuffs-to-ankles with the hose! Gagged with mouth stuffing and a thin cloth strip, feisty Charlotte manages to slip the hose off her ankles, but can't escape before the evildoer returns to more effectively restore the hogtie! 

It was supposed to be a provocative but harmless command performance starring leggy blonde Ashley Lane in a spangled harem gown and tiny brunette Josie Jagger playing a student in plaid skirt, white top and flats. But their client's not satisfied with playful fondling -- he wants to see the luscious pair struggling in bondage! Ashley and Josie protest but they don't have a choice; their costumes augmented with restrictive ropework and lips sealed with duct- tape, the alarmed performers stand apprehensively as the ominous client taunts them. Later, breasts and feet bared, they thrust their bodies unwillingly against each other at his command!

Only an inch over five feet tall, raven-haired harem-girl Hannah Perez's petite body packs a sensual wallop entirely disproportionate to its size! Sheathed in a gleaming blue costume, Hannah dances alluringly on sandaled bare feet until she's bound with black rope and her motions restricted by hobbled ankles! A knotted black cloth separates Hannah's lips and her dance concludes when she's lowered to the floor, sandals removed and breasts exposed. After a waist-ankle tether folds Hannah on her hip, the wide-eyed sprite twists vigorously, her bare breasts and feet eye-catchingly displayed! 

Blonde partygirl Effy Rose receives a nasty surprise when she returns home to an intruder who compels her to remove her little black dress, then slip on a colorful barmaid costume. Multiple coils of rope soon wind around Effy's enticing body and microfoam tape swiftly silences her bewildered protests before she twists and turns in her rope web at the command of this depraved visitor! After Effy's breasts are inevitably bared, her struggles increase in erotic intensity until the despicable man vanishes and leaves her in bondage!

No walk down the aisle for lovely bride Alexa Grace today because hot little cat-burglar Goldie Cox has bound the lady-in-white with black rope and gagged her with a black cleave! Mischievous Goldie straddles the struggling bride and thrusts her bare breasts into Alexa's face, then tickles the giggling girl's stockinged feet before going about her business. The bad girl's in for a bridal vendetta, however, after Alexa wriggles free; unmasked, unshod and bare-breasted, Goldie squirms and squeals in the chair while Alexa teases her very ticklish bare soles! Turnabout's rarely been so richly deserved -- or so much fun! 

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