Sexy Sweethearts In Ropebound Restraint

Release Date: Nov.28.2016
Running Time: 0:52:52
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Scarlett Sage, Chanel Preston, Kristen Scott, Lena Anderson, Ella Nova, Nina North

When it came role-playing, the demure but sexy student was perfect casting for Scarlett Sage. But the drama took an unexpected and disturbing turn for Scarlett when her small body was subdued with rope and her lips were spread by a bright red bandanna! The little blonde squirmed nervously in her jacket, plaid skirt, socks and sneakers while seated on a chair before cautiously rising to her feet with the intention of hopping out of the room. Her defiance was swiftly disciplined, of course -- hitched to a futon, Scarlett writhed apprehensively on the floor after her sneakers were removed and her jacket and blouse disarranged to expose her pert breasts!

When a loanshark called to harrass Chanel Preston about her boyfriend's debt, feisty Chanel told him off in no uncertain terms. After the creep paid a surprise visit, the busty brunette was considerably less defiant as she stood roped to the stair railing in her bra, panties and sandals! Her plight became even less pleasant after a ball-gag stimulated drooling, her breasts were bared and a crotch-rope was tied over her panties! 

When Lena Anderson reached the location to which she'd been lured, an alarming sight confronted her -- bound hand and foot and tape-gagged, delicate little Kristen Scott lay curled up in a fireplace! Lena didn't have long to worry about Kristen before she too was subdued by rope and gagged with duct- tape; seated side-by-side on a mattress, the six-foot tall blonde and her petite friend had become powerless pawns of callous schemers! When the energetic struggling of the barefoot girls became too annoying, Kristen and Lena were more emphatically subdued by hogties that left them arching desperately!

While high-spirited Ella Nova was kicking back on a couch and chatting on her phone, she could never have imagined that within a few minutes she'd be lying there bound and at the mercy of an angry female rival! But No mercy was shown to Ella -- instead her pleas for release were met with cloth stuffed in her mouth and sealed in place with duct-tape! Later, the mean-spirited woman enjoyed the sight of rope- restrained Ella kicking up her blue-nailed bare feet, then rolling onto the carpet and writhing in futility after her breasts were exposed!

Wearing a long, colorful robe and nothing else, Nina North stood against a wall, tape-gagged, trapped in rope and hitched to an overhead support. Daring Nina edged forward on her small bare feet and stretched her supporting rope as far as possible while attempting to reach the front door but met with failure, then felt the unfriendly embrace of knotted coils around her exposed breasts! Nina was also hobbled by a tether to the nearby stair-railing and could only twist in embarrassment as her robe fell open.  

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