Talented Women Tightly Trussed

Release Date: Nov.28.2016
Running Time: 0:48:54
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Chanel Preston, Nina North, Shavelle Love, Kristen Scott, Lena Anderson, Ella Nova

Stylish exec Chanel Preston refused to stay quiet when she learned that a close friend was stepping out on her fiance. But the desperate cheater found a time-honored way to silence Chanel, then exposed the bound and gagged brunette's breasts so she could take some blackmail-worthy pix! After the mean girl ignored her, Chanel wriggled across the floor and grabbed for the doorknob with her stockinged feet; when the door opened, both ladies were in for a surprise!

After rushing to her bedroom, Nina North tried to phone for help but it was too late! The intruder came equipped with duct-tape that quickly pinned Nina's arms to her body, immobilized her legs and sealed her lips; dressed in blouse, skirt and heels for the office she wouldn't reach that day, Nina lay powerless on her bed! Until, that is, she slipped out of her shoes and wriggled to the nearby window curtain and began to push it open with her stockinged toes. But an untimely intervention by the unpleasant people convinced the timid little secretary to cease her attempt at attracting attention, so Nina confined herself to twisting bare-breasted on her side.

Dark-haired, wide-eyed and curvaceous, Shavelle Love was always the center of attention at the office as she moved about seductively in her pink blouse, short black skirt and gleaming heels. But as Shavelle sat disoriented and apprehensive on a mattress in an empty room, she fervently wished that she were invisible. And when she defied the shadowy figure who'd brought her to the remote house, lovely Shavelle felt the tight embrace of ropes and the taste of tape sealing her lips! Her rope-framed breasts emerged from her blouse as the ordeal continued, then the innocent secretary's lovely body was bowed into a hogtie that raised her arching stockinged feet high while she raised her head and murmured pleas for mercy!

It would have been a memorable sight if anyone had been watching -- towering Lena Anderson carried her diminutive bound and gagged colleague Kristen Scott into an empty room and tethered her to an armless chair! Assigned by unscrupulous superiors to keep potential whistleblower Kristen incommunicado, the ambitious junior exec eagerly obeyed and seemed to enjoy hovering over the bound girl as she whimpered behind a black cleave-gag! Lena's satisfaction evaporated, however, after her crooked bosses decided that she'd learned too much and deposited her in identical bondage next to Kristen! After a few moments of understandable hostility, the former friends cooperated by edging their chairs closer together and tugging frantically at each other's wrist ropes, an effort that came to a surprising conclusion.

Bespectacled antique purveyor Ella Nova was counting the profits of a long but successful day when a sneaky thief caught her alone and seized her bulging cashbox! Trussed up in her blouse and skirt and cleave-gagged, Ella sat on the table where her antiques had been displayed, her dark- stockinged legs and platform pumps dangling over its edge. After kicking off her shoes, she tried to work up the nerve to slide onto the floor, but the vigilant thug reminded Ella who was in charge by baring her breasts and removing her glasses, then left her cowering on the table! 

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