Pretty Topless Prisoners

Release Date: Sep.23.2011
Running Time: 0:44:16
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Judith Eurfrat, Karina White, Vanessa Veracruz, Jeanie Marie, Natalie Nice, Elle Alexandra, Presley Hart


Barefoot and wearing only a long white slip, grabbed beauty Judith Eufrat huddles apprehensively while she awaits her fate! Her heartless captors transform Judith into a classic damsel in distress by trussing her securely with black rope, gagging her with duct tape, then watching her struggle on her knees before hogtying her!


Warm-hearted Karina White makes a big mistake when she invites down-on- her-luck Vanessa Veracruz to crash at her place! Vanessa shows her gratitude by overpowering Karina while she relaxes in a towel, then binding and cleave- gagging her! After the towel disappears, Vanessa forces Karina to kneel before her, then uses her hands and feet to toy with her nude prisoner's vulnerable body!

Party-girl Jeanie Marie enjoys a brief excursion to the dark side, but she never expected that one of her new acquaintances would turn the games deadly serious! Petite Jeanie has plenty of time to re-think her life-style as she curls up bound, barefoot and bare-breasted on her kitchen floor, her lips wrapped around a ball- gag thoughtfully provided by her nefarious tormentor!


The legacy of Sweet Gwendoline lives on in the performance of Natalie Nice, whose eyes widen and forehead wrinkles as she writhes in bondage peril! Powerless to prevent her voluptuous breasts from being exposed, Natalie balances on her garter-stockinged toes as she sits in rope restraint and murmurs pleadingly through a bright red tape gag! The adorably helpless heroine persists in squirming even after she's forced to lie on her side, her freedom further diminished by a wrist-ankle tether!


Dressed for summer fun in flowing dresses, Elle Alexandra and Presley Hart are shocked when they become bound and gagged captives in their own home! A criminal couple tie the fearful girls back to back in chairs, seal their lips with duct tape, then laugh sadistically as Elle and Presley whimper after their breasts are bared! 


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