Erin's Nude Bondage Conspiracy!

Release Date: Feb.10.2012
Running Time: 0:40:4
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Melissa Jacobs, Hanna Hilton, Erin Avery, Maya Gates, Andie Valentino, Kylie Reese, Megan Reese, Jana Jordan, Sandy Summers, Courtney Page,

Erin Avery isn't really a bad girl -- just a little wild -- but when well-meaning older sisters Melissa Jacobs and Hanna Hilton tried to pull off an intervention with her, Erin went ballistic! Concerned that Erin was running with a bad crowd, Hanna and Melissa sternly lectured her; feigning agreement, an enraged Erin later surprised and overpowered her sisters, then left the stunned and humiliated girls gagged, bound and naked on the kitchen counter! But Erin's triumph was short-lived! Inviting her shady friends home to laugh at her captives, Erin discovered their true nature when they stripped her and trussed her up side-by-side with Melissa and Hanna before looting the house and disappearing into the night!


Ruthless ropes also restrain the nude bodies of smoldering Maya Gates (struggling in a walk-in closet), cute Andie Valentino (ball-gagged and apprehensive), spunky Megan Reece (packaged and woman-handled by angry Jana Jordan), petite Sandy Summers (bound, gagged and crotch-roped plaything for exotic Courtney Page) and Courtney (Sandy's revenge)! Experiencing her first bondage, bare-breasted Kylie Reese savors her novel sense of helplessness!

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