Topless Models Bound For Domination

Release Date: Jun.15.2015
Running Time: 0:45:39
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Alix Lynx, Mia Malkova, Krystal Shay, Tomi Taylor, Julie Rae, Kenna James, Ashley Lane

Some burglars are more easily distracted than others; take for example, gorgeous bad girl Mia Malkova, who couldn't keep her hands off curvaceous Alix Lynx once the bra-and-pantied beauty was subdued by rope and gagged with duct tape! Before long, Alix's breasts were bared so Mia could tweak her nipples as the wide-eyed little blonde twisted and whimpered! After pulling down Alix's panties, Mia stretched the bound girl facedown on a couch while she joined her partner -- but if struggling Alix thought she'd seen the last of the sexy predator, she was badly mistaken! When Mia returned for Act Two, she teased Alix's naked soles, spanked her beckoning bare bottom and massaged her pussy! 

Krystal Shay thought that cat burglars were nothing but the figments of the kinky male imagination -- until cute blonde Krystal was surprised and overpowered by gorgeous feline thief Tomi Taylor! Her luscious little body stripped naked and bound with rope, Krystal stood in disbelief as Tomi teased her breasts and sealed her lips with tape! After nudging her crotch-roped plaything into an armchair, tough Tomi tied Krystal's ankles and tickled her tender bare soles while the hapless girl squirmed on her knees!

Sweet little redhead Julie Rae was ready for summer fun in her flowery print dress and sandals, but a shocking encounter left Julie in a bind far from fresh air and sunshine! Tied and tape-gagged, Julie sat dazed on a couch with her sandaled feet touching the floor; meek and overwhelmed by her bondage at first, she contested the ropework more vigorously with her small body after her breasts were exposed. Leaning back against the arm of the couch, Julie kicked her bare feet into the air in an indignant rebuke of the malicious evildoers who'd ruined her day! 

With a little friendly assistance, Ashley Lane finally repaid Kenna James for those previous humiliating episodes of domination! Stunned by her loss of control, Kenna sat tied and tape-gagged on a lounge as Ashley tentatively fondled her breasts, then writhed unhappily when the shy girl tapped into her inner dom! Ashley really hit her stride after she pushed Kenna onto her back, tickled her pantyhosed soles and boldly stroked her fabric-sheathed pussy!

To Ashley's dismay, the kinky connoisseur who helped her put Kenna in a bind decided to double his pleasure and added a trussed-up Ashley to the mix! So two slender topless bondage toys soon submissively obeyed his demands as they sat in breast-to-breast proximity! Their devious admirer's exploitation culminated with his offer to release the first girl to make h

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